A Builders Cleaning Checklist

Builders cleaning is a cleaning service that is quickly becoming necessary after each construction or renovation work. Without it, you would be left picking up and clearing the debris on your own, including dealing with dust, dirt, and grime.

If you’re unlucky, the workers may have even left paint streaks on the floor or the wall, and you’re going to be brandishing a paint remover, trying to remove it with no idea of what works. However, what happens if the spillage is from a material you have no idea how to get rid of? Thankfully, there are professional cleaning services such as Fleet Cleaning who can provide you with expert and affordable builders cleaning service that takes care of the problem for you.   Here’s what you can expect from a professional cleaning company when you try their services.  


Your kitchen is probably not a place you’re looking forward to making meals on when you just finished renovating it. With professional help, your kitchen will be transformed back into its pristine condition. Your countertops and shelves will be dusted and wiped off, while your cabinets will be thoroughly cleaned both on the exteriors and the interiors. Your kitchen appliances (such as your stovetop, fridge, dishwasher, microwave, and coffee maker, among others) will be wiped clean. The floor will be washed, scrubbed, and vacuumed as necessary, while your doorknob, door frames, light switches, and doors will be cleaned and polished (if necessary) until they gleam. With builders cleaning, every surface of your kitchen will be wiped clean or dusted, until you feel confident that the place is once again sanitary enough for your cooking.  


Renovating a bathroom can be pretty complicated — particularly if you wanted more than just new tiles installed in. With professional help, your new bathroom will be sparkling clean from the moment you step a foot inside — your sink, bathtub, and toilet will be scrubbed clean and sanitised. Shower walls, glass doors, and mirrors, if you have them, will be cleaned thoroughly and the streaking will be removed. Likewise, all surfaces will be dusted and wiped clean, as well as your windows, doors, and other fixtures.  

Living Areas

Other living areas are more straightforward when it comes to builders cleaning. Essentially, your professional cleaning partner will clean all surfaces, vacuum carpeted floors, clean closets, cabinets, and wardrobes, and remove marks on walls. If you have a fireplace, this will be cleaned thoroughly as well. If you have hard surface floors, then they will be damp-mopped and vacuumed. Of course, you can combine other cleaning services aside from this service. You can ask Fleet Cleaning to clean your carpets and upholstery, since the dirt and dust may have affected them. You can also ask for pressure cleaning services to get rid of stubborn stains and spots. Opting to get professional help on builders cleaning frees you up to focus on more important tasks other than working profusely to make your home a once again liveable space. You no longer have to take a day off work to do the heavy work yourself — instead, you can just ask Fleet Cleaning to come in at a time convenient to you and your family, and they will do the rest. Now, one of the worries of those who have ongoing renovations is how they have to stay in a hotel or have the kids stay over with friends and relatives to ensure that family members don’t get sick with the amount of dust and dirt. You can ask Fleet Cleaning to perform their builders cleaning services to come in and clean up as the construction work is ongoing, thereby ensuring that your family will come home to a clean house after the workers have left for the day. You also don’t have to worry about not having a clean kitchen to work on, as your professional cleaners will ensure that your kitchen will be in optimal shape — provided that all the necessities are working, of course! These and more are just some of the benefits you can glean if you decide to go with professional builders cleaning services. You will have peace of mind that your home will be in tiptop shape, even after the ruckus that ongoing construction may wreak indoors.