A Testimonial: Why I Needed Cleaning Services

Recently my husband decided to have our home renovated. I readily agreed to the project, not knowing that before the day is over, I would be requiring professional cleaning services. Here’s the mayhem as it happened.

I work at home full-time as a freelance graphic artist, while my husband works in Sydney. We have a pretty good arrangement: he comes home in the evenings, while I keep the pandemonium at a minimum (we have two Labrador Retrievers and a small Pomeranian) so he can expect a clean house. Last week, I caught him looking wistfully at our stairs, and he remarked how he wanted to have it renovated. We have tiled stairs with cement backing (I’m not really sure if there’s another kind aside from that), so I asked him what he meant. He said he wanted it changed to wood parquet. So we met with the foreman, who upon finding out that I work from home suggested that I look for cleaning services as he anticipated that our home would be in disarray for the coming week or so. I boasted that I can manage both the household and my workload (silly me) even though we are having our stairs renovated. My husband told me to reconsider hiring help, or even to work away from the house during the days of construction. I flatly refused. Onward to construction day. At first it was just the noise, how the workers were chipping the molding on the side and the old tiles. I told the workers that I would be working in my office and left them. When I peeked downstairs after lunch however, I mulled over if I made the wrong choice by not getting cleaning services. The workers have successfully chipped off several steps and have removed the molding. Now the cement under layer is exposed on some parts, while the discarded pieces of tiles were just dumped unceremoniously on the bottom. However, that wasn’t the least of my problems. The chaos began when I started going downstairs, and my little Pomeranian decided to come with me. Let me tell you how much dogs love to run down the stairs, and what a stray shard of tile can do to a dog’s unsuspecting paw. As he ran, my dog’s paw was caught in a little shard. He yelped then ran again, so we thought it was nothing. When I picked him up however, he had a cut on his paw. So I bemoaned my stubbornness about getting cleaning services, and bundled my little dog to the vet. While he was recovering, I was complaining to my husband how the workers were very sloppy with the renovation. He gently reminded me that it wasn’t their fault that my dog stepped on a piece of tile; after all, we knew that the house was being renovated, and I didn’t get the proper precaution to avoid that. This being said, we went home to a subdued house. The workers were very apologetic and told me that they are now putting the discarded pieces of tiles in a container. At this, I complained about the amount of dust and debris, because my lovely home is so dirty. The foreman once again urged me to look into cleaning services and introduced me to Fleet Cleaning. So I placed a call and inquired about their cleaning services, asking if they can come in early the next day and to work alongside the workers to ensure that the house will be in tiptop shape when I finish working. The person who handled my case was very understanding and reassured me that he would do everything to address my concerns. Thankfully, the work of his staff is everything he had promised, and more. They worked alongside the construction workers so that everything was neat. What’s more, there are no dust, dirt, and potentially harmful debris that was littering my home. After our renovation, I started using Fleet Cleaning as my professional cleaning services provider. I recommended them to my friends and to my colleagues. I know that whatever cleaning service they may need to be done, Fleet Cleaning can provide a good job, just as what they did with my house.