Basic Floor Cleaning Steps for Residential and Commercial Space

Basic Floor Cleaning Steps for Residential and Commercial Spaces

Floor cleaning is not just about sweeping or mopping.  To properly execute floor cleaning, especially in commercial spaces where there is a higher volume of foot traffic, there are basic steps or guides to follow to make sure that floors are properly maintained and cleaned.   First, there are a few vital things to remember in floor cleaning such as:
  1. Different kinds of floors require different methods, equipment and cleaning solutions.
  2. Never use general, all-around cleaning solutions – they will not work on all types of floors.
  3. As much as possible, use separate cleaning equipment for different areas of your living or commercial space.
  4. A floor cleaning schedule should be established to make sure floors are periodically and properly cleaned to preserve its aesthetic value and to help them last longer
Dirty or improperly cleaned floors are not just visually unappealing but they are also hazardous.  To prevent slipping, tripping and falling because of dirty floors, follow these basic floor cleaning steps:
  1. Start floor cleaning from the back of the living or commercial space to avoid tracking dirt back to already cleaned areas.
  2. First things first, do a thorough sweep of the floors before starting any mopping. Make sure to sweep in one direction towards a central area where you can sweep all the debris into a dustpan.
  3. For commercial spaces, always remember to put up wet floor signs around the area where floor cleaning is being done. If you don’t have wet floor signs, make sure that you appropriately cordon off the area being cleaned to prevent people from stepping or slipping on the wet floors.
  4. Make sure you follow the instructions that come with the floor cleaning solutions during application.
  5. Use a clean mop to avoid adding debris onto an already swept floor during mopping.
  6. After the application of the floor cleaning solution, thoroughly dry the mopped area with a dry mop.
  7. Repeat the process for every section of the living or commercial space until you get to the front of the establishment.