Basic Floor Cleaning Tips for Different Flooring Systems

Basic Floor Cleaning Tips for Different Flooring Systems

There are different types of flooring systems available for both residential and commercial use.  Each type requires different methods and solutions.  For example, more often than not, floor cleaning methods and products that can be used on hardwood floors cannot or should not be used on ceramic tile floors.  This is why there are commercial floor cleaning services available to those who require their floors to be properly and thoroughly cleaned.  However, should you wish to tackle it yourself, here are a few things to remember to avoid doing any damage to your floors:


Know your Floors

Correctly identifying the type of floor you have installed in your home or office is important.  Again let’s take wooden floors as an example.  Not every wooden floor is hardwood.  Some wooden floors can be made out of reclaimed or recycled wood which have different floor cleaning requirements than the regular hardwood floors.  Basically, different kind of wood means different kind of methods and cleaning solutions.  Learn how to tell from marble floors and granite or engineered stone floors.  Knowing what type of floor you have makes it easier to determine the kind of method to use.


Daily Maintenance

Let’s face it, who has the time to do a thorough floor cleaning every day?  However, it is also important to remember that there are daily floor cleaning tasks you can do every day to help prevent your floors from getting damaged due to accumulated dirt and grime that could scratch and chip floor surfaces when not properly swept away.  Mopping with plain water is also another basic floor cleaning solution for all kinds of floors.  Vacuuming is also an essential method even for flooring systems.  Vacuuming is not only for carpets.  It can and should be used on every kind of floor.


Professional Floor Cleaning

Although consistently sweeping up dirt, mopping and even vacuuming can help keep your floors clean, it is still highly recommended to periodically have professional experts come in and take care of your needs.  In the long run, having professional floor cleaning done on your residential or office spaces can extend the lifespan of your floors to save money on repairs and replacements.

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