Builders Cleaning: A Must-Have At Every Residential Renovation

Most of us would expect builders to leave a building or newly renovated space sparkling and ready for occupation once they leave, but you’d be surprised to see that you actually need builders cleaning. How so?

  Take a look at the space you are having renovated, revamped, or built. Chances are, you will see dirt and debris on every corner, with dust visibly swirling in the air. You have cement packs on the floor, building materials on another corner, and piles of nails on yet another corner. The unpainted walls are dusty; the un-tiled floors are even dustier, with the furnishings placed on the sides accumulating dust. Everywhere you look, it seems like dust has overtaken your home. The amount of dirt and dust generated by building works is phenomenal, and with it are health-risks and more hazards. Take for example a neglected bottle of paint thinner. When the builders left for the day, they could have left an open bottle of paint thinner on the floor. Having a builders cleaning service provider would’ve noticed that and would’ve kept the hazardous material away. However, you opted to do away with the professional cleaning service. You went to the area being renovated, swept it with your watchful eye, and left it as you prepared dinner for your family. As you and your family are settling down, well away from the area being renovated, your family pet wandered into the area, knocked over the bottle of paint thinner, and licked the contents. The results are therefore disastrous. Keeping hazardous materials away is only a part of a professional cleaning service. You can coordinate with a builders cleaning company to work on site while your space is being renovated, or everyday after the builders have left. This minimizes the amount of dirt and dust infecting your home during daytime, so that you can rest easy at night knowing that while one part of your home is being renovated, it is still as clean as and as hygienic as you can make it. Plus, the rest of your home would not have to suffer from the dust and dirt. You can also opt to have a cleaning service come in once the renovation is completed. This ensures that your cleaning service provider will remove all leftover debris that you will be hard-pressed to remove on your own. For instance, builders cleaning can remove leftover scrap materials (such as wood, steel, or aluminum) that you have no use for in the future. They can also remove marks to your space and furniture that would require special cleaning solutions, such as paint marks on your floor from any repainting streaks, or scuffs on your hardwood from the heavy equipment utilized during the day. You can also prepare the space for living arrangements by having it cleaned thoroughly – including cleaning your furnishings (such as your moldings, most of which you cannot reach) and other hidden nooks and crannies. A builders cleaning can involve dusting your newly renovated living space, steam cleaning of your floorings, extensive cleaning of your windows and other pertinent tasks. Of course, by enlisting the services of a reputable cleaning company such as Fleet Cleaning, you are not only ensuring that your newly renovated space is safe for occupancy, you are also ensuring that your home is in the best shape that it can be. Builders cleaning clear away the unseen threats that may be lurking in your home, such as contaminants that may harm your family, or germs and bacteria that are in the area. At the end of the day, your family will be occupying your newly renovated space, which is why you need it to be ready for you when you move right in. At Fleet Cleaning, we have highly skilled staff that can provide builders cleaning services to get rid of the leftover debris, dust, and dirt, ensuring that your new space is just the way you want it. We work with owners, builders, architects and designers and can provide work at their convenience, so we can device a plan to get the job done on a schedule that everyone is comfortable in. We are very flexible in terms of factoring in extra hours or having staff on stand-by, just to ensure that your premises are clean and safe for the ones that you love.