Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Methods from the Pros

Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Methods from the Pros

Many households, office buildings and retail establishments use carpets on their floors because they are easily one of the most affordable and versatile way to enhance a room’s visual aesthetic.  However, the use of carpet as a flooring system is not without its pitfalls.  Probably the biggest complaint when it comes to carpets is how difficult cleaning is. When not done properly, the lifespan of your carpet can easily shorten.  To make sure that the carpets in your homes and offices are properly cleaned and maintained, here are some of the more popular methods used by professional carpet cleaners.



Many professional carpet cleaning experts agree that the best way to extend the life of carpets in any kind of setting, whether residential or commercial.  Periodic vacuuming effectively removes minute dirt and debris that could contribute to the wear and tear carpets by cutting into the fibres of the carpet. Vacuuming is an effective carpet cleaning method especially for carpets in areas that see a high volume of foot traffic or for carpets in homes with young children and pets.


Deep Cleaning

One other carpet cleaning method being used by experts is deep cleaning.  Deep carpet cleaning actually has different methods however, the most popular and effective is steam cleaning.  Steam cleaning produces the best results and guarantees that carpets don’t just look clean but are thoroughly sanitized.

Another carpet cleaning method under deep cleaning is dry extraction.  This method uses and retains less moisture which ensures that carpets dry faster.  If done properly by experts, this deep cleaning method guarantees that mould, illness-causing bacteria are not given the chance to breed and cause health problems while also lessening the life span of the carpet.

It is important to note that while it is perfectly acceptable to do it the DIY way, having professional carpet cleaning experts come in and periodically deep clean carpets will definitely extend their life span.

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