Your Carpet and Your Cleaning Habits: How Filthy is Your Carpet?

Carpets are great additions to homes. However, are your carpet cleaning habits up to par? Here’s what you need to know about carpet care.

Many floors all over Sydney are adorned with carpets of varying designs, colors, and sizes. Carpets are great additions to homes and can create a softer surface when you walk on floors. What’s more, it’s a handy padding once your little tot decides to explore and roam around. Given the many advantages it brings to your home, are you sure you are paying enough attention? When was the last time you properly cleaned your carpet? Proper cleaning of carpets is necessary for homeowners (and business owners too, for that matter), as carpets can absorb up to four times of its weight in dirt. It can also be 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat. How so? Without proper cleaning, your carpet can be trapping minute filaments such as dust, dirt, allergens, volatile organic compounds, and dead skin cells, among many others. These minute items tend to be absorbed by the carpet’s fibers. Also, unclean carpets are ripe breeding grounds for dust mites and bacteria, such as listeria and salmonella. To top it off, if you have pets, then your carpet may be filthy with pet hair, dander, and urine. This is just the tip of the iceberg, however, as there can be more harmful organisms that have made your carpet home since the time you had performed a thorough cleaning. Not enough reason to think of the way you clean your carpet? Think about how majority of people would continue to eat food that has been dropped on a carpet, a big no-no since bacteria can live for up to four weeks on the material. What’s more, think of how many people walk on carpets without removing their footwear, which thereby brings dirt and mud from the outdoors, and burrowing these materials deeper into the fibers of the carpet. There are also those who would rather move furniture around to cover up a stain rather than clean their carpet properly. Not addressing spills not only results to staining, but builds up a damp location for more bacteria to grow. So the next time you think of skimping on carpet cleaning, think of how it may be if there is someone in your family with known allergens. Allergens such as pollens and dust can be caught in the fibers of a dirty carpet. Just imagine what can happen if your kid has asthma and you left him to play on the carpet. Your kid can inhale the dog hair on your carpet fibers, which in turn can trigger an attack. Or what happen when your kid has a compromised immune system and is in the process of learning to crawl? He might pick up bacteria that can cause him to fall ill. And as children are wont to do, your kid is probably trying to explore and would therefore pick up lint and other material on your carpet and would put it in their pudgy little mouths. Without proper carpet cleaning, there are 100 times more allergens in carpets than there are on hard floors. These are just some of the considerations when it comes to cleaning your carpet. Most people would clean it by vacuuming at least twice a week, but while doinprog so is essential, it doesn’t remove deep-set microorganisms such as dust mites and bacteria. So, to get rid of all the harmful elements in your carpet, you must consider professional cleaning services. Professional carpet cleaning can remove deep-set microorganisms and stains, as well as make it look better and cleaner. Regular cleaning also extends the life of a carpet. In fact, it is recommended that carpets be professionally cleaned at least once every 12 to 18 months, more if there are people with asthma, children, and pets in the household. Neglecting to clean your carpets regularly when you have kids and pets turns your home into a hazardous environment for them. For this reason, it pays to have professionals such as Fleet Cleaning perform carpet cleaning services for you. With professional cleaning services, you can tap commercial grade equipment, training, and expertise to ensure that your carpets do not only look clean, they are also thoroughly clean.