How Outsourcing Retail Cleaning Can Increase Foot Traffic and Sales

How Outsourcing Retail Cleaning Can Increase Foot Traffic and Sales

Cleanliness is a big part of getting potential customers to walk your store, look around and purchase one or more products.  A well maintained and clean environment encourages people to stay longer which could affect how many products they’ll end up buying and more importantly, increases the possibility of coming back for more.  The problem most retailers have is finding the best solution to maintain a high standard of cleaning even during the busiest retail hours without pulling personnel from their primary jobs so they can do some quick cleaning.  This is where outsourcing retail cleaning comes in.  It allows retailers to maintain a high level of cleanliness without unnecessarily putting the responsibility of cleaning up after customers onto your retail personnel.


Customizing you Retail Cleaning Solution

Not every retail establishment is the same. Each individual store requires a customized retail cleaning plan in order to adapt to each specific circumstance, need and the retailer’s preferences.  Some retailers prefer having it done before hours whilst some prefer retail cleaning done after hours.  Retail cleaning can be scheduled at any time it is required by the retailer.  Additionally, day porters can also be assigned to a retail establishment to keep the level of cleanliness throughout business hours.


Clean as You Go vs Professional Retail Cleaning

Some retailers, in their need to find the most cost-effective solution, often adapt the clean as you go approach where retail personnel are required to perform cleaning and minor maintenance duties after retail store hours.  The problem with this approach is while it seems like you’re saving money by not outsourcing retail cleaning, you are basically letting people who are not highly trained at retail cleaning and maintenance to do the job.  This approach could cost you more money in the long run in terms of a decrease in sales resulting from a decrease in foot traffic and repeat business.  Remember, a thoroughly cleaned retail establishment helps attract visitors and potential customers.

Professional workers can deliver a high level clean to your retail establishment and also ensure that tasks such as replenishing toiletries, emptying trash bins and replacing their lining, and quick clean ups in case of spills or accidents are done by individuals that have been properly trained to carry them out.

Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Methods from the Pros

Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Methods from the Pros

Many households, office buildings and retail establishments use carpets on their floors because they are easily one of the most affordable and versatile way to enhance a room’s visual aesthetic.  However, the use of carpet as a flooring system is not without its pitfalls.  Probably the biggest complaint when it comes to carpets is how difficult cleaning is. When not done properly, the lifespan of your carpet can easily shorten.  To make sure that the carpets in your homes and offices are properly cleaned and maintained, here are some of the more popular methods used by professional carpet cleaners.



Many professional carpet cleaning experts agree that the best way to extend the life of carpets in any kind of setting, whether residential or commercial.  Periodic vacuuming effectively removes minute dirt and debris that could contribute to the wear and tear carpets by cutting into the fibres of the carpet. Vacuuming is an effective carpet cleaning method especially for carpets in areas that see a high volume of foot traffic or for carpets in homes with young children and pets.


Deep Cleaning

One other carpet cleaning method being used by experts is deep cleaning.  Deep carpet cleaning actually has different methods however, the most popular and effective is steam cleaning.  Steam cleaning produces the best results and guarantees that carpets don’t just look clean but are thoroughly sanitized.

Another carpet cleaning method under deep cleaning is dry extraction.  This method uses and retains less moisture which ensures that carpets dry faster.  If done properly by experts, this deep cleaning method guarantees that mould, illness-causing bacteria are not given the chance to breed and cause health problems while also lessening the life span of the carpet.

It is important to note that while it is perfectly acceptable to do it the DIY way, having professional carpet cleaning experts come in and periodically deep clean carpets will definitely extend their life span.

Three Ways Business Owners Benefit from Commercial Cleaning in Sydney

Three Ways Business Owners Benefit from Commercial Cleaning in Sydney

As a business owner you should always make sure that all the factors that contribute to the increase or decrease of work safety and efficiency are monitored and addressed.  Of course, not everything is infrastructure or technology related.  Some factors that could easily affect work safety and efficiency are the state of health of your workforce and the state of cleanliness and hygiene of your workplace.  Both factors can be addressed with commercial cleaning in Sydney.

Business owners can greatly benefit from using commercial cleaning in Sydney because it is a service established primarily to address every cleaning and maintenance concern that could affect not just a workplace’s visual aesthetic but also the safety of its workforce.  It is important to remember just because it looks clean it means it’s hygienic.  Having commercial cleaning in Sydney takes cleaning to a whole new level.  Making sure that the work place is deeply, thoroughly and properly cleaned and ready for the next day of office traffic.


The three most crucial benefits of getting commercial cleaning in Sydney are:

  1. A clean work environment is a safe work environment – almost any place you can name is a potential breeding ground for illness causing bacteria and germs.  The risk of your work personnel getting sick exponentially goes up in an improperly cleaned or untidy work environment. Commercial cleaning service crews are effectively trained in thoroughly sanitizing and cleaning any working or living space.  They can also make sure that office equipment such as heaters, A/C units and such are periodically checked and cleaned.
  2. Cleaner workspaces encourage more efficient workers – when a work environment is untidy, cluttered and disorganized, workers have a harder time focusing on their tasks ahead.  Also, the chances of some of them contracting an illness increases.  Both can be detrimental to work productivity.  Commercial cleaning in Sydney assures that every corner of your workspace is organized, clean and virtually germ-free to facilitate healthy, more focused workers.
  3. Deeper, more thorough quality of sanitation and hygiene –  While it’s okay to delegate cleaning and maintenance responsibilities to your workforce with an office protocol such as every employee is responsible for the cleanliness of their immediate surroundings, the level of clean and hygiene is not going to be sufficient.  Additionally, office personnel already clock in eight hours of work daily, minimum.  To ask them to be responsible for cleaning the work environment after hours or before heading home could also be detrimental for efficiency and safety at work.

Prevent Workplace Health Problems with Commercial Office Cleaning

Prevent Workplace Health Problems with Commercial Office Cleaning

Most people spend more than 8 hours a day in the workplace, working in close proximity with their co-workers.  The probability of contracting even the simplest health problem is increased when the workspace is not properly maintained, cleaned and sanitized.  The best solution for keeping the work environment and generally conducive to good health is to avail of commercial office cleaning.officle

It not only elevates the work environment aesthetically, it also ensures that every inch of the work place is sanitized and kept hygienic to prevent illness-causing bacteria to spread.  With commercial office cleaning, you’re assured of a complete and thorough cleaning from wiping down surfaces to deep-cleaning floors, windows and even carpets and upholstery.


Services Included

Commercial office cleaning plans can be customized depending on the size and scope of the work area as well as the cleaning requirements of the clients.  Additionally, clients can set the time for when crew should come in to start the cleaning and sanitizing services.  For example, a client can ask for an after-hours office cleaning schedule, a before work hours schedule to prepare the work space for the day or a weekly, fortnightly and even a  monthly office cleaning schedule.


Possible office cleaning services could include:

Carpet cleaning – office cleaning crews can come in during an arranged schedule to thoroughly clean office carpets especially those in areas with a higher foot traffic volume.  Carpets can be a source of illness-causing microbes and bacteria if they are not properly cleaned.

Upholstery cleaning – improperly cleaned and maintained upholstery can house illness-carrying germs and viruses.  With the right cleaning equipment and the right cleaning solutions, crews can help keep office upholstery sanitized and germ-free.

Floor cleaning – people come and go every day which is why keeping floors clean is an important part of commercial office cleaning.  Not only should this be done to prevent the spread of health problems, it should also be done to prevent slipping or tripping on unclean and improperly maintained office floors.

General housekeeping –  also includes services such as replenishment of bathroom supplies, emptying of trash bins, cleaning small furnishings and checking for broken locks, light fixtures, etc.

Commercial Cleaning for the Urban Business Setting

Commercial Cleaning for the Urban Business Setting

Do you have a business in the city? Are your offices situated in a busy commercial area with plenty of pedestrian traffic? Is your retail establishment one of the many businesses that depends on potential customer walk-ins?  If you answer yes to any of the questions above, then you should know the importance of creating a good first impression.  And a good first impression always includes having a spotless and orderly environment both inside and outside the working or retail space.  The best way to achieve this is to sign up for commercial cleaning services.


Commercial Cleaning, the Pros

What exactly is commercial cleaning and why should businesses, specifically commercial and retail establishments avail of the services offered?  Commercial cleaning is the all-encompassing term used to describe cleaning and maintenance services provided by a third party for both residential and commercial spaces.  It includes a wide range of cleaning services that address every kind of maintenance need for businesses especially those in and around busy urban settings.


Commercial cleaning is extremely beneficial to businesses not only because it addresses common cleaning and maintenance issues.  Outsourcing living and workspace maintenance to a third party provider has the following benefits:

  • First of all, with a professional commercial cle company taking care of your maintenance needs, you can be assured that everything is properly and thoroughly cleaned. These businesses bank on their reputation to deliver quality cleaning services so when they come into your offices and retail spaces, you can be assured of a clean looking and smelling environment every single time.
  • Second, the amount of money your business can save with a professional commercial cleaning company as compared to hiring several maintenance and sanitation workers for your business is significantly lower.
  • Third is expert know-how.  Companies hire and train their staff so they know how to properly and efficiently use commercial-grade cleaning equipment and products.  They are also expected to have basic repair and maintenance knowledge to effectively determine when things around the office area such as locks, alarms and such need proper repair or replacement.
  • Lastly, with commercial cleaning services taking care of your establishment, you are always ready to put your best foot forward when it comes to the cleanliness and welcoming environment of your commercial and business spaces.

The Roles Day Porters Play in Retail Cleaning in Sydney

The Roles Day Porters Play in Retail Cleaning in Sydney

Commercial properties have to be maintained and properly cleaned every day to encourage potential customers to walk in, and stay longer.  This is not possible if showrooms, boutiques or any retail establishment is unkempt, poorly maintained at littered with trash.  To address this problem day porters or day porter services have now become a staple provision from businesses that offer retail cleaning in Sydney.


What They Do

Day porters have a variety of maintenance and clean-up work responsibilities and duties.  When you avail of retail cleaning in Sydney, day porters are deployed to your commercial establishment to perform the following services:

  • Dusting and spillage clean-up
  • Window washing
  • Restroom maintenance and cleaning
  • Supply replenishment such as hand soaps, paper towels, etc.
  • Trash bin maintenance including emptying and relining
  • Overall maintenance of public access facilities such as hallways, restrooms, showroom floors
  • Daily litter removal left by workers, customers and visitors.  This is actually a very critical responsibility for retail cleaning in Sydney. Letting left litter build up or accumulate has the potential to turn away incoming guests.
  • Disinfecting public access surfaces to prevent disease-causing microorganisms from building up and spreading

Day porters can be responsible for every kind of cleaning and maintenance service that retail establishments need.  Companies that avail of retail cleaning in Sydney can also customize their cleaning services plan to include location-specific maintenance duties such as looking after indoor greenery, maintaining display areas or display windows and many more.

Check with your retail cleaning in Sydney provider regarding day porter services and fees.  To make sure that you are getting the proper maintenance, day porters should:

  • Knowledgeable in the use of different kinds of cleaning methods, the use of different cleaning equipment and a clear understanding of their daily responsibilities
  • Have access to properly working cleaning instruments, equipment and cleaning solutions
  • Know how to determine if any items, small pieces of décor, electrical outlets, door locks and such are in good working order

Retail cleaning in Sydney is gaining popularity within the commercial business district because more business owners have recognized the need to maintain properly and consistently maintained commercial and retail establishments.