Easy Wood Flooring Maintenance Tips

There’s nothing quite like the look of beautiful hardwood flooring. It can really add character to your

whole house, as well as being long lasting when you choose a quality product. Despite your

hardwood floors being hardwearing, you still need to make sure that you carry out the proper

maintenance. So, how do you clean wood floors? Luckily, we’re here to fill you in on our top tips to

make your wood floor maintenance as easy as possible.


Maintaining your wood floors

We understand that there are probably other things you’d rather be doing with your time than

cleaning but all it takes is a few easy steps to keep your flooring in optimal condition. Take the time

to do a quick run over your floors to get rid of dirt and dust every couple of days. Don’t worry, we’re

not expecting you to haul your heavy vacuum out every day. A smaller, handheld vacuum is very

useful when it comes to daily maintenance but a cheap, microfibre mop will also do the job. Every so

often, a proper vacuum is the best way to clean wood floors thoroughly (weekly is best but, hey, you

have a life) and aim to mop with designated floor cleaner at least each month.


Preventing damage to your floors

While general maintenance can go a long way to keeping your floors in great condition, there are a

few easy steps you can take to avoid any damage. As an easy fix, make sure you have a door mat at

the front and back doors to avoid dirt being tracked into the house and over your lovely floors. If you

have kids, a good rule is for them to take off their shoes before they come in to avoid collateral

damage. If you’re a keen cleaner, don’t go nuts with cleaning products – products which are too

abrasive can do further damage so be careful with the products you use.


Don’t forget to put felt stoppers on the feet of all the furniture which comes into contact with your

flooring – it’s so easy for pristine flooring to suddenly show visible scratches and scuffs thanks to

furniture being moved around. Remember to check your stoppers every so often to see if they need

replacing. If there is a spill on your flooring, wipe it up right away before it has a chance to soak in.

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Professional Floor Cleaning in Sydney – Lengthen Your Floor’s Lifespan

Professional Floor Cleaning in Sydney – Lengthen Your Floor’s Lifespan

Floors are probably the most used feature of any living or commercial space in any establishment.  Every day, people walk on them, drag furniture across from one place to another, spill on them, and have pets or small children run back and forth on them and many more.  Floors get the most used, the most damaged therefore they need to be correctly maintained to be able to make them last longer.


Getting professional floor cleaning in Sydney is probably the best thing you can do for a number reasons.

  • First of which is that because companies that provide professional floor cleaning in Sydney use proper equipment and the correct cleaning solutions for all the different types of flooring materials, there is no risk of doing any damage to floors during the cleaning process.
  • Secondly, and this is especially important to commercial establishments, getting floor cleaning in Sydney ensures that your commercial establishment floors help preserve the professional and welcoming ambiance of your entire space.
  • Third and probably most important of all is safety. Improperly cleaned floors are safety and health hazards in both residential and commercial spaces.  Ensure that floors are correctly cleaned through professional floor cleaning in Sydney so that slipping or tripping can be prevented and avoided.  Additionally, thoroughly cleaned floors ensure that there are no toxic bacteria or microbes residing in patches of dirt or grime left due to improper cleaning.
  • Fourth is cost.  In the long run, getting professional floor cleaning in Sydney is comparatively cost-effective than risking early floor replacement.  Plus, you won’t have to buy your own floor cleaning equipment and solutions.

Professional floor cleaning in Sydney, whether obtained for residences or commercial spaces help maintain and lengthen any floors’ lifespan which protects you from investing heavily on having your floor partially or completely replaced or repaired.  By getting your floors professionally cleaned you are lengthening its life span while improving the overall visual aesthetic of your living or working spaces.

The Advantages of Outsourcing Retail Cleaning

The Advantages of Outsourcing Retail Cleaning

At the end of a hectic workday or work week, the last thing you want to do as a retail shop owner is to worry about emptying the bins, vacuuming the floors or wiping down surfaces.  Cleaning up after a day or week of customers and employees coming in and out of your store is not a five minute thing, especially if you want to maintain a good first impression for potential customers.  This is where outsourcing retail cleaning comes in.


Eliminating the Risks


When you outsource your retail cleaning to professional cleaning services, you guarantee your establishment the kind of detailed and methodical cleaning that will yield great results.  Moreover, because the actual cleaning will be done by professionals, there is no risk of injuries sustained by you or your employees due to lack of experience in using proper retail cleaning equipment and solutions.  Not only that, you can be assured that your retail space and all its furnishings will be cleaned and maintained according to the appropriate cleaning solution and method for different kinds of materials or textiles.  For example, there are different types of material used for carpets and when you choose to assign the task of cleaning your carpets to an employee who has no experience in carpet cleaning, the risk of doing damage to the carpet by using the wrong cleaning solution, increases.  By outsourcing this specific retail cleaning task to professional cleaners the risk of doing any damage to any kind of furniture, design element or surface is significantly lowered or completely removed.


Expert Cleaning, Expert Solutions

It is a fact that when a task is assigned to an individual with the appropriate level of expertise, that specific task can be accomplished quickly, efficiently and correctly.  Professional cleaning services employ cleaning experts that have been trained to efficiently provide retail cleaning for all kinds of commercial establishments such as showrooms, boutiques and office spaces.  And because professional cleaners have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform every kind of retail cleaning service, commercial establishment and business owners are guaranteed a commercial and working space that is sure to leave good first impressions on potential customers or clients.

Achieve High Level Post Construction Clean with After Builders Cleaning

Achieve High Level Post Construction Clean with After Builders Cleaning

Building or renovating a home or workplace has different stages – from planning to execution, post-build cleaning to furnishing before a living or working space can become habitable or usable.  Each step is necessary and cannot be overlooked or skipped.  This is especially true when it comes to after builders cleaning or post-build cleaning.

After a renovation or a construction, debris, dust and other possibly toxic materials need to be properly disposed of and removed from the newly built or renovated space to make way for the next step which is interior decorating or finishing.  Putting on the finishing touches without doing an extensive post builders cleaning can cause unnecessary damage to surfaces or contribute to early wear and tear of materials such as wood, paint and metal.

With post construction clean up or after builders cleaning, every inch of the space is sanitized and prepped for the next stage by experts who know and have access to the right equipment and the right cleaning products to use.  Companies who offer after builders cleaning services only deploy highly trained professionals whose aim is to leave working or living environments debris-free and both aesthetically and hygienically spotless.


DIY vs PROafter 

Although DIY-ing after builders cleaning is not a completely bad idea, especially if you’re concerned about costs, in the long run, having highly skilled experts take care of after builders cleaning will save you a lot of money.  How?  Newly renovated or constructed spaces that are improperly cleaned deteriorate faster.  This is especially true if painting jobs are done without a thorough cleaning to ensure that no debris or excessive dust or dirt get in between the surfaces and the paint.  When that happens, paint peels off, chips or colour fades faster.  Moreover, without proper after builders cleaning, there is a certain level of health risks that could happen as a result.

Ensure that your living or working spaces are completely ready, habitable and a hundred percent spotless by getting after builders cleaning services before moving on to interior decorating and finishing.

Basic Floor Cleaning Steps for Residential and Commercial Space

Basic Floor Cleaning Steps for Residential and Commercial Spaces

Floor cleaning is not just about sweeping or mopping.  To properly execute floor cleaning, especially in commercial spaces where there is a higher volume of foot traffic, there are basic steps or guides to follow to make sure that floors are properly maintained and cleaned.


First, there are a few vital things to remember in floor cleaning such as:

  1. Different kinds of floors require different methods, equipment and cleaning solutions.
  2. Never use general, all-around cleaning solutions – they will not work on all types of floors.
  3. As much as possible, use separate cleaning equipment for different areas of your living or commercial space.
  4. A floor cleaning schedule should be established to make sure floors are periodically and properly cleaned to preserve its aesthetic value and to help them last longer

Dirty or improperly cleaned floors are not just visually unappealing but they are also hazardous.  To prevent slipping, tripping and falling because of dirty floors, follow these basic floor cleaning steps:

  1. Start floor cleaning from the back of the living or commercial space to avoid tracking dirt back to already cleaned areas.
  2. First things first, do a thorough sweep of the floors before starting any mopping. Make sure to sweep in one direction towards a central area where you can sweep all the debris into a dustpan.
  3. For commercial spaces, always remember to put up wet floor signs around the area where floor cleaning is being done. If you don’t have wet floor signs, make sure that you appropriately cordon off the area being cleaned to prevent people from stepping or slipping on the wet floors.
  4. Make sure you follow the instructions that come with the floor cleaning solutions during application.
  5. Use a clean mop to avoid adding debris onto an already swept floor during mopping.
  6. After the application of the floor cleaning solution, thoroughly dry the mopped area with a dry mop.
  7. Repeat the process for every section of the living or commercial space until you get to the front of the establishment.

Pressure Cleaning – Why it absolutely has to be done for Your Home

Pressure Cleaning – Why it absolutely has to be done for Your Home

Pressure cleaning, also known as water-blasting, pressure washing or hydro-cleaning is the process of utilising power blasts of compressed air and water to effectively eliminate tough dirt and grime from external surfaces such as walls, driveways, garden pathways, patios and decks.  While it can also be utilized indoors, it is mostly for outdoor use.


Why use pressure cleaning?

When was the last time you closely inspected the walls outside your home?  When did you last check the condition of your driveway or patio?  These outdoor areas and surfaces are more prone to accumulating dust, grime and soot especially those situated in a busier urban setting.  Air pollution alone can severely contribute to the accumulation of dust particles on walls and other external surfaces.  Accumulate dust, grime and soot can quickly deteriorate these external surfaces if left unchecked or improperly cleaned.

Pressure cleaning is the ideal solution for thoroughly and deeply cleaning your home or commercial space’s exteriors.  When done properly, pressure cleaning can remove even the most stubborn dirt and grime, immediately improving the aesthetic appeal of your exterior spaces.  Do not wait for the wall paint to start cracking or chipping because of all the piled up dirt and grime.


DIY or Professional

It can be done by anyone if they choose to and have the proper equipment to use.  However, it is highly recommended that its done by professionals that know exactly what to do so as not to risk potential damage caused by improper pressure cleaning.  Professional pressure cleaning services can be retained which allows you to just sit back and let the experts slowly transform dirty and unattractive surfaces and external areas.


Bountiful Benefits

Apart from getting your walls, pathways, outdoor decks and patios looking spic and span, pressure cleaning helps increase the value of your home without having to shell out money for an expensive repainting.  In fact, most professional house painters often use pressure cleaning on surfaces before the start of every painting job.

A well maintained and thoroughly home exterior can also have a positive impact on the environment.  When exterior surfaces and areas are properly maintained through periodic cleaning and proper maintenance, air pollution within the vicinity of your home would definitely markedly decreased.