A Builders Cleaning Checklist

Builders cleaning is a cleaning service that is quickly becoming necessary after each construction or renovation work. Without it, you would be left picking up and clearing the debris on your own, including dealing with dust, dirt, and grime.

If you’re unlucky, the workers may have even left paint streaks on the floor or the wall, and you’re going to be brandishing a paint remover, trying to remove it with no idea of what works.

However, what happens if the spillage is from a material you have no idea how to get rid of? Thankfully, there are professional cleaning services such as Fleet Cleaning who can provide you with expert and affordable builders cleaning service that takes care of the problem for you.


Here’s what you can expect from a professional cleaning company when you try their services.



Your kitchen is probably not a place you’re looking forward to making meals on when you just finished renovating it. With professional help, your kitchen will be transformed back into its pristine condition. Your countertops and shelves will be dusted and wiped off, while your cabinets will be thoroughly cleaned both on the exteriors and the interiors. Your kitchen appliances (such as your stovetop, fridge, dishwasher, microwave, and coffee maker, among others) will be wiped clean. The floor will be washed, scrubbed, and vacuumed as necessary, while your doorknob, door frames, light switches, and doors will be cleaned and polished (if necessary) until they gleam. With builders cleaning, every surface of your kitchen will be wiped clean or dusted, until you feel confident that the place is once again sanitary enough for your cooking.



Renovating a bathroom can be pretty complicated — particularly if you wanted more than just new tiles installed in. With professional help, your new bathroom will be sparkling clean from the moment you step a foot inside — your sink, bathtub, and toilet will be scrubbed clean and sanitised. Shower walls, glass doors, and mirrors, if you have them, will be cleaned thoroughly and the streaking will be removed. Likewise, all surfaces will be dusted and wiped clean, as well as your windows, doors, and other fixtures.


Living Areas

Other living areas are more straightforward when it comes to builders cleaning. Essentially, your professional cleaning partner will clean all surfaces, vacuum carpeted floors, clean closets, cabinets, and wardrobes, and remove marks on walls. If you have a fireplace, this will be cleaned thoroughly as well. If you have hard surface floors, then they will be damp-mopped and vacuumed.

Of course, you can combine other cleaning services aside from this service. You can ask Fleet Cleaning to clean your carpets and upholstery, since the dirt and dust may have affected them. You can also ask for pressure cleaning services to get rid of stubborn stains and spots.

Opting to get professional help on builders cleaning frees you up to focus on more important tasks other than working profusely to make your home a once again liveable space. You no longer have to take a day off work to do the heavy work yourself — instead, you can just ask Fleet Cleaning to come in at a time convenient to you and your family, and they will do the rest.

Now, one of the worries of those who have ongoing renovations is how they have to stay in a hotel or have the kids stay over with friends and relatives to ensure that family members don’t get sick with the amount of dust and dirt. You can ask Fleet Cleaning to perform their builders cleaning services to come in and clean up as the construction work is ongoing, thereby ensuring that your family will come home to a clean house after the workers have left for the day. You also don’t have to worry about not having a clean kitchen to work on, as your professional cleaners will ensure that your kitchen will be in optimal shape — provided that all the necessities are working, of course!

These and more are just some of the benefits you can glean if you decide to go with professional builders cleaning services. You will have peace of mind that your home will be in tiptop shape, even after the ruckus that ongoing construction may wreak indoors.

Floor Cleaning 101: What You Need to Know

Majority of professional cleaners in the world say that floor cleaning is the most time-consuming among all their tasks. After all, each living space, regardless of whether it is commercial or residential, needs to have flooring.

True, the flooring may differ on what material is utilised and other decorations, but the fact remains that the floor needs to be cleaned, period.

Yet you’ll be surprised that a number of households and business establishments do not see the benefit in keeping their floors clean. Many of them would rather use entrance matting or welcome mats to keep dirt and mud away from the floors, and would choose to ignore the dust that has accumulated on their floors.

Here are a number of reasons why you should always pay attention to floor cleaning.

  1. While using entrance mats may be effective in terms of removing dirt that is brought from the outside, it only removes 80% of the dirt on the soles of your shoes or flip-flops. This means that one-third of the dirt is still brought indoors, not to mention the many microorganisms and harmful elements that may compromise you and your family’s health.
  1. Aside from removing dirt, regularly cleaning your floors also gets rid of dust and bacteria. This is important, particularly if someone in your household suffers from asthma or other respiratory issues. Ensuring that they can sit on the sofa near the carpet and not worry about them inhaling dust can give you peace of mind.
  1. Floor cleaning can also keep your home safe from allergens. There are a number of allergy triggers that are lurking on your floor or carpet, particularly pet dander, pollen, and mites, among others. Imagine if your immune-compromised child crawled all over a floor infested with these allergens; as kids are wont to do, your child will probably put his hand to his mouth after crawling about. As a result, your little one can get sick.
  1. When it comes to your business, having clean flooring can keep you safe from liabilities. Imagine if you have a preoccupied client walking on the store, looking at your products. Suddenly, the customer trips on a piece of wood on the floor. Cleaning your floor therefore could’ve saved you all the trouble.
  1. Aside from removing actual debris on the floor, cleaning it regularly keeps it dry and safe. Tripping on something on the floor and slipping on the floor due to water spillage are among the most common causes of injuries at work or at a commercial space, particularly when you have uneven flooring.
  1. Frequent mopping, sweeping, and cleaning of your floors also keep them sparkling and beautiful, therefore giving your potential clients and visitors a good impression of your establishment. This sends a good message to your visitors that you mean business, since you pay attention even to the minutest details.
  1. Aside from giving your establishment a good impression, floor cleaning also helps you save on floor maintenance costs in the long run. Keeping your floors clean keeps off the grit and grime off your floors, so there is less worry about sand and other materials that can potentially work at the material, scratch the surface, and keep it weak.

These are among the most common considerations you have to think about when you are having second thoughts when it comes to keeping your floors clean. Floor cleaning can sanitise your home or establishment, keep your guests safe from tripping and slipping, and give you peace of mind that you are sending the right impression.

Of course, if you have a large establishment, keeping your floors clean is easier said and done. Who has time to actually scrub the entire floor area, right? That being said, you will need the help of professionals who offer floor cleaning services. This means you don’t have to spend hours upon hours on your knees, trying to get rid of stubborn marks, when you can get professionals to do it for you. This can be very handy when it comes to wanting to save time and effort.

Floor cleaning can do wonders for you, your business, and your family. This is something you should definitely do regularly.

Washing Your Car Through Pressure Cleaning in Sydney

If you want to wash your car in an effective and quick manner, then you have to consider pressure cleaning. Sydney residents and car owners can attest how doing so saves them time and money.

It also has numerous benefits such as returning the gloss, removing deep-set grime, and saving the car from expensive detailing jobs that can be fixed by using a pressure washer.

However, a word of caution: inexperienced car owners should first ask professionals to perform the service for them so they can have a clear idea of what they should be doing. While using a pressure washer may look easy, there are numerous downsides to using it without prior knowledge —  including inadvertently damage the paint job or causing bodily harm. How so? Pressure cleaning in Sydney uses high pressure at high speeds — a blasting, if you will — to get rid of grime or dirt. If performed incorrectly, it can damage your car’s paint, ruin your interior, or even harm your hands or feet.

This warning being said, there are several requirements before you can pressure wash your car. First, find a washer that has a long hose, so you don’t have to worry about it tangling about and you losing your stride. If you can find a machine that comes with wheels, then use that, as it will make it easier for you to manoeuvre your pressure washer.

Next, when washing a car through pressure cleaning in Sydney, you have to choose a washer with different jet nozzle settings. Remember that different parts of your car require different pressures; if you get a nozzle that has only a single pressure, you can damage your vehicle. The same goes for a nozzle attachment — you have to find one that enables you to change the angle, to ensure that you can reach all the angles and your car will be washed thoroughly.

Then, remember to always test the pressure before blasting it on your car. The pressure might be higher than you anticipated, so the initial spray might be too strong. To avoid damaging your vehicle, point the nozzle at the ground for the initial spray.

Speaking of the ground, when pressure cleaning in Sydney, make sure that you are pressure washing your vehicle on a concrete driveway. Using a pressure washer on a gravel driveway increases the likelihood that stones from the ground will fly up on your car and damage the paintwork when disrupted by the pressure.

Of course, you must always remember never, ever, to use a pressure cleaner on your engine, interior, or the boot. While engine washes are common, unless you are someone with technical know how of how to do that, then do not blast away at your engine, as doing so can dislodge small sockets from their positions and cause you more trouble than it’s worth. Pressure cleaning in Sydney and elsewhere should also be performed with a pinch of common sense, such as ensuring that your windows are all properly closed and that you are not blasting away high pressure at an area susceptible to more paint damage.

When it comes to your wheels, you can use an attachable brush to loosen up stubborn marks, grease, and dirt. Clean the wheels last with the brush as it can pick up small grit and stones from the wheels.

Then there’s water pressure to consider. You must look for a pressure washer that can provide at least 1450PSI at 3.7GPM. Aside form the pressure, you also have to use the right kind of nozzle.

Do you think this is too much for you? Not to worry, Fleet Cleaning offers pressure cleaning in Sydney so you don’t have to worry about the necessities, nor do you have to pay for an upfront fee of purchasing your own pressure washer that you will only be using sporadically. Instead, have a professional perform the service for you, at your convenience, so you don’t have to stress about doing the right things.

When you tap the services of reputable professional cleaners such as Fleet Cleaning, you have peace of mind that your property will not be damaged. After all, they have been performing pressure cleaning in Sydney for over four decades — you’re rest assured that they know what they’re doing.

How commercial cleaning in Sydney can help your business

You probably already have a lot on your mind than to contemplate the merits of commercial cleaning in your Sydney office space.

With business expansion, the relentless hiring process to ensure you have the right people, and keeping an eye on everything, it is understandable if you want to just leave housekeeping alone for a moment and would rather focus keeping your business running smoothly. Besides, you’re sure that you hired competent employees — surely they can clean up after themselves, as they are all adults who should not need supervising in this aspect?

Let me stop you there for a moment. While your employees may be the best at what they do, chances are, if they weren’t paid to mop the floors, they probably wouldn’t do it, or perform any function that resembles commercial cleaning. Sydney offices need to be in the tiptop shape at all times, what with the paramount competition and the amount of businesses competing for the same market share. This puts you in a very tight spot, as despite the nuisances of having to worry about who will take out the trash, you also have to keep an eye on your competition!

If you’re unsure if you need professional help in the cleaning department, here are a few things to nudge you into the right direction.


  1. Your clients will judge you based on your office’s appearance.

Put yourself onto your potential client’s shoes for a moment and appraise the situation. If you decide to forego commercial cleaning in your Sydney office, your potential client can walk into a reception area that needs sweeping, countertops need thorough scrubbing, and the lobby needs a spray or two of air freshener as it smells like a rodent died and was left there to rot. No matter how impressive your portfolio may be, if your office is sloppy and reeks of unprofessionalism, then your potential client would take his business elsewhere. After all, if you cannot be bothered to see how untidy your business is running, then you probably cannot deliver on the results you promised as well.


  1. You could be losing money.

Based on the premise above, if your potential clients are constantly bringing their business elsewhere because you did not partake of commercial cleaning for your Sydney office, then your momentum for growth would be stumped. This will start a domino effect where you stop bringing in new clients, and your old ones might start to drop one after the other if they get a whiff of your headquarters. As a result, all the lovely progress you envisioned would be for naught, if you cannot bring in new business to keep your company afloat. In a few months, you will probably experience negative cash-flow, and you will have to take stock of what you need to let go and what to keep, thereby losing more money in the process.


  1. Your employees will be disheartened.

If you are unsure of using commercial cleaning for your office, then think of your employees. Your employees spend a bulk of their day in your office, five days a week, more if needed. If they are working in a pigsty, you can almost expect that their morale would be low and they would be unproductive. In fact, I cannot think of a single person who would still be inspired to work if the dishes are pilling up in the pantry, the rubbish bin is overflowing, and walking on the floors already produce an audible squeak because of the amount of grime.


  1. Your employees will get sick.

Aside from your employees losing motivation, not having commercial cleaning for your office can cause your employees to get sick. Think of their environment, hygiene, and sanitation conditions. If they are working in an environment that compromises their health, then you can already assume that you’re going to have an epidemic on your hands.

Of course, all these things can be avoided if you decide to use a commercial cleaning service based in Sydney.  After all, no business owner would want to compromise the health of his staff, turn off potential clients, and even to lose old clients. Clearly using the services of professional cleaners is a win-win situation for you.

Pressure Cleaning Helps Restore Golf Club

We at Fleet Cleaning know how vital pressure cleaning is when it comes to removing grime from your residential or commercial space. However, sometimes it pays to have this reiterated, particularly when you think it is an unnecessary method. If you’re not convinced of its necessity, here’s an example that may be a little closer to home.

As you may know, it has been raining sporadically in Sydney over the last couple of weeks. Last week saw a torrential downpour that reached 150 mm. Yet it wasn’t the amount of rain that wreaked havoc at the popular Dunheved Golf Club – it was the flooding.

On June 5, South Creek was 5 meters below its tipping point. About 12 hours later, the water broke the banks and spilled all over the golf course. While pressure cleaning relies on high pressure to clean the surface, the amount of pressure the flood came devastated the golf club — so much so that the staff couldn’t even report for work, simply because they cannot access the road that leads into the course.

Finally, the water leveled off after several hours, and the staff was able to access the clubhouse and other facilities. What they saw however was heartbreaking. Many of the facilities were flooded up to a meter deep. Not only did the flood damage the infrastructure, it also damaged small items, such as the carpet, chainsaw, and blowers, among others. It was imperative to see what could be salvaged and see how the club can be functional again.

Their solution? Pressure cleaning. Volunteers showed up with high-pressure water cleaners to remove the sludge from hard surfaces, while others are labouring with manual labor, such as ripping away the waterlogged carpet.

Of course, much has to be done before the golf club can be considered as functional again. Aside from the physical damage, they also have to the electricity rewired and assess if they can still use their other machines. Yet despite the extensive damage the flood has caused the club, executives at the golf club believe that damage will be contained within 48 hours, and the club will be operational again.

If a golf club can survive this devastation caused by water, then just imagine how efficient pressure cleaning can be when applied to your home or commercial space. If it can remove the marks borne by a flood, then it can definitely remove grime and sludge that mark your patio, garage, or the exterior of your building.

This cleaning method is effective not only in removing marks, but also in removing mold, mud, loose paint, dirt, and dust from hard surfaces such as buildings, fences, and vehicles, among others. It can also eradicate the buildup of black mildew, molds, or fungi, as well as blast away a nest of wasps or bees without putting yourself and your family or staff in danger. What’s more, it works on almost every kind of surface, including wood, concrete, and brick.

Despite the efficacy of pressure cleaning however, this is a task that is best left to professionals. While it may look easy to operate, a pressure cleaner can damage your property when the task is performed incorrectly. What’s more, the pressure can physically harm you, particularly your extremities. For instance, wrong exposure can blast away the skin on your hands or feet.

Rather than try to save a few dollars by doing it yourself, ask professionals to pressure clean your commercial or residential space for you. This reduces the need for you to purchase a machine, scrub your surfaces raw, and allot a weekend or two to scour your property.

Fleet Cleaning has been performing pressure cleaning services for over four decades. They have the necessary tools and expertise to effectively perform this service, ensuring that your cleaning needs are met without danger to you or your property. What’s more, their cleaning services are very affordable, giving you the option of combining pressure cleaning with other cleaning services that you may need. Above all, Fleet Cleaning performs each task based on your availability, so you do not have to worry about the task taking up your time because it will be performed when you need it to be.

Finding first rate Cleaning Services in Sydney

Running a business mostly involves impressing new clients and keeping regulars happy. One way to do that is to keep your offices spick and span. Maintaining cleanliness gives an impression that all your business affairs are in order.

Keeping your office sanitized also means having a healthy and productive workforce to effectively serve your customer base so finding a reliable cleaning service in Sydney is a must! Consider these pointers for canvassing for the right professional Sydney cleaning service for your business:


Determine your Sydney office cleaning service needs

What is the floor area measurement of your offices? Would your offices need tidying up after office hours every day or would you only need their cleaning services twice in a week? Are outdoor areas like car parks and balconies to be included in the cleaning tasks? These are the general items to take note of before you start your search for the right cleaning services in Sydney that would fit your needs.


Office cleaning service quotes in Sydney

There are many establishments that offer cleaning services in Sydney these days so it is veritably easy to get pricing quotes. It is highly recommended that you ask for an itemized breakdown of the price. Find out if the cost includes cleaning materials, tools. Ask if there are additional fees for certain kinds of cleaning or how much they would charge should you need to add manpower later on. The best choice for office cleaning services in Sydney would include sanitation of lifts, storage areas, basements, stairwells, refrigerators, and other areas that are commonly overlooked. Some cleaning services in Sydney will be able to supply a quote based on the previously discussed needs that you can mention over the phone or via email but some companies might want to come in for site inspection to be able to provide a comprehensive price offer. The amount that you agree to pay for, more often than not, is tantamount to the quality of Sydney cleaning services that you would get.


Opt for highly experienced office cleaning services in Sydney

Pricing may be a huge factor when choosing the right Sydney cleaning service for your business but their experience in catering to other establishment that is similar to the size of your office should also be a major consideration. Inquire as to how they train their team and how often they conduct refresher courses. Ask about their staff uniforms, badges, screening and hiring, random or regular drug testing, policies and procedures for staff replacement, and the total number of members in their team. Find out if they have the proper permits and certification from regulatory boards for both their cleaning services in Sydney and their employees. If you are managing a small to medium business then the Sydney cleaning services staff count might not be a big deal but it is best to ensure that they have the required permits and certifications.


Quality assurance and accountability for cleaning services in Sydney

Each and every company has its own way of measuring and tracking staff performance and a reliable cleaning services company in Sydney should have it as well.  Ask the contact person about how they will monitor and oversee staff performance within your office. Ask how often they do spot checks and regular on site visits. Inquire if they will provide you with tracking tools so you may be able to send them feedback. Find out procedures for complaints, what they do about grievances, and how quick they are in responding and improving the situation.


Insurance coverage for cleaning services in Sydney

Be sure to find out if the candidate Sydney cleaning services companies are bonded and covered by insurance. This is an important factor that sometimes gets overlooked. Find out how they handle certain situations lest one of the cleaning staff gets hurt during working hour within your office premises or in case damage to your facilities or theft occurs.


Ask for cleaning services references in Sydney

Once you have narrowed down your list of Sydney cleaning services candidates based on price quotes, experience, and other pertinent details, ask for references and be sure to call their past and current clients. Most cleaning services in Sydney have websites that show testimonies from their clientele so you can contact them as well.