Testimonial: How Office Cleaning Inspired My Staff

Every now and then here at Fleet Cleaning, we get testimonials from clients that are just too heartwarming not to share. Here’s one from Mr. X, an office cleaning client. Mr. X runs a boutique agency in Sydney. Here’s his story.

As a startup manager, my focus was on building a high performing team to help our company become more competitive. I hired high caliber creatives and gave them free rein. Our flexible business model enabled employees to work remotely frequently, which worked well since our office space cannot house all of them.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you think of it), business picked up. Because of this, I asked employees to come in regularly in shifts, particularly since we do not have room for all of them at the same time. I assigned them seats, which they would invariably share with someone from the other shift.

Then life changed drastically in the office. Cleaning became an issue, because apparently you cannot put creative people in the office together and leave them to their devices. It’s not just the amount of unwashed dishes in the sink or the overflowing garbage bin — which I found out, was a big issue when it came to who has to put it out. Little squabbles started breaking out, and I heard of passive-aggressive arguments where someone from the night shift would leave post-its on the table, telling the dayshift worker to clean up.

To put order into chaos, I implemented a Clean As You Go policy, making them wash their own dishes and clean up after themselves. It was a fair and mature policy, given that the employees are all adults who can fend off for themselves.

The office cleaning problem was solved, although the boys are still bickering over who has to put out the garbage bags.

Then disaster struck. I thought I had averted all chaos, but as it turns out, the dishes and the garbage aren’t the only things that I should be concerned about. My team started getting sick, one after the other. In an open-space office plan, a single sick person can infect the entire team, particularly if there are people with weak immune systems. Productivity was affected as more and more employees ask to work offsite, a luxury I cannot afford now, as there are deliverables to be met.

I finally consulted a fellow consultant and her answer surprised me. She asked about our office cleaning rituals and asked about how often the vents are aired. When I confessed that I don’t know, and we don’t have any cleaning rituals, she gave me the contact information of Fleet Cleaning.

The next day, I called your office to inquire about office cleaning. I had very rigorous demands: I need someone to wash the dishes, throw out the trash, and clean the desks. In between doing that, I need someone who can wash the windows, sweep the floor, vacuum the carpet, and clean the bathroom. On weekends, I also need someone to clean the vents and thoroughly disinfect the office.

To my surprise, you said you can do the job for a very affordable rate. You would send an employee to clean our office during operations, and your guy worked wonders. In between shifts, he scrubbed the place furiously, as if maximising the odd hour that the office is empty.

And your office cleaning services did wonders for our company. The sick days became fewer, as the environment became healthier for all employees. There is also less bickering about who needs to do what, because all the housekeeping tasks are taken off their hands.

To say that I am pleased with your services is an understatement. I cannot believe that I haven’t hired professional office cleaning services before — the improvement in the overall mood of the staff and the quality of work is beyond compare.

Today, we have moved into a new office where everyone can come in at the same time. This time, I made sure that I signed a long-term contract for your cleaning services. With the bigger space comes a bigger responsibility of ensuring that everyone is healthy!

Thank you Fleet Cleaning for coming to the rescue. Without your help, our company wouldn’t be able to grow as fast as we did. All it takes to derail a company’s growth is the number of sick days, after all. Since our office became cleaner and the environment is healthier, there are few reasons for that to happen.

The Practical Art of Commercial Cleaning 101

To cut on costs, many employers and businesses fail to hire help for commercial cleaning.

Instead, they would teach their staff the art of “Clay-Go,” where they are expected to clean after themselves and see to the cleanliness of their desks. While keeping things neat may be second nature to some employees, other feel that it is not their job and would therefore result to keeping their workstations a mess. As a result, there is then a fragile balance between those who keep their places clean, and other employees who do not care at all. Eventually, someone would snap, and the matter brought to the human resource department to sort out.

Aside from having sloppy employees, businesses can benefit from commercial cleaning as it also minimizes the amount of harmful organisms in the air. With a full-coverage program, it can provide a healthier environment for your employees. Professional cleaners also use hospital-grade disinfectants to effectively kill germs and bacteria, which in turn reduces the risk of illness and infection.

Why is this important? Most small-to-medium businesses today have open floor plans, where all employees are basically inhaling the same air. As a result, when someone sneezes, the germs are then propelled into the air, being breathed in by other employees. Without proper precautions, you’ll see your employees falling sick one after the other, falling ill after one employee recovers.

The spread of illness can be reduced with commercial cleaning which uses advanced cleaning equipment to ensure that the space is clean, and follows industry protocols to enhance these practices. Your employees’ workspaces would be cleaned, and irritants would be removed.


Intrigued? Here’s what to expect with professional cleaning services:

  • Dusting and disinfecting – This is very important, as the accumulation of dust can become a health hazard. This can also result to more and more people getting sick, as dust is an allergen that can trigger asthma attacks and aggravate other conditions. On the other hand, disinfecting is necessary to remove harmful bacteria within the environment. This includes dusting and disinfecting desks, countertops, and your reception area, among others.
  • Mopping and vacuuming – Depending on your flooring, this is an important facet of commercial cleaning. It thoroughly cleans your floor by removing harmful germs and bacteria, as well keeping your flooring clean and neat. This has the added benefit of removing small items on your flooring, such as discarded thumbtacks and staple wire, which can hurt your employees if, say for example, one of them were wearing open-toe sandals and they stepped on the offending object.
  • Restroom cleaning – Now, restrooms are perhaps the dirtiest among all the parts of your office. With regular restroom cleaning, your floors will be scrubbed, your countertops and sinks cleaned, and your toilet thoroughly disinfected. Toilets are among the filthiest places in any space, so thoroughly cleaning them works wonders in your favor.
  • Trash removal – Finally, commercial cleaning also includes trash removal, so that your rubbish will be removed from the establishment. No more worrying about the smell and the hazardous materials in your trash bins, as the discarded food and fruit peelings, office materials, and other paraphernalia will be disposed off properly.


These are some of the regular cleaning services that are offered for work environments. If you wanted to go in depth on one aspect however, your professional cleaner can offer you more services to complement regular cleaning, such as:

  • Carpet Cleaning – This includes removing marks and stains and properly steaming the carpet, instead of just vacuuming. A more effective method to get rid of allergens in the carpet fibre.
  • Hard Floor Cleaning – This service complements commercial cleaning as it also includes removing scuffing and marks on the flooring, giving you a better, shinier, and better looking flooring.
  • Window Cleaning – Of course, what better way to showcase your beautiful office by having sparkling windows? Adding this to your list of requirements would ensure that all aspects of your office space is thoroughly cleaned.

Now you don’t have to worry about the general upkeep of your office and how the environment may be contributing to welfare of your employees. Contact a commercial cleaning company today to find out what kind of services you need and how much they would cost.

A Testimonial: Why I Needed Cleaning Services

Recently my husband decided to have our home renovated. I readily agreed to the project, not knowing that before the day is over, I would be requiring professional cleaning services. Here’s the mayhem as it happened.

I work at home full-time as a freelance graphic artist, while my husband works in Sydney. We have a pretty good arrangement: he comes home in the evenings, while I keep the pandemonium at a minimum (we have two Labrador Retrievers and a small Pomeranian) so he can expect a clean house.

Last week, I caught him looking wistfully at our stairs, and he remarked how he wanted to have it renovated. We have tiled stairs with cement backing (I’m not really sure if there’s another kind aside from that), so I asked him what he meant. He said he wanted it changed to wood parquet.

So we met with the foreman, who upon finding out that I work from home suggested that I look for cleaning services as he anticipated that our home would be in disarray for the coming week or so. I boasted that I can manage both the household and my workload (silly me) even though we are having our stairs renovated. My husband told me to reconsider hiring help, or even to work away from the house during the days of construction. I flatly refused.

Onward to construction day. At first it was just the noise, how the workers were chipping the molding on the side and the old tiles. I told the workers that I would be working in my office and left them.

When I peeked downstairs after lunch however, I mulled over if I made the wrong choice by not getting cleaning services. The workers have successfully chipped off several steps and have removed the molding. Now the cement under layer is exposed on some parts, while the discarded pieces of tiles were just dumped unceremoniously on the bottom.

However, that wasn’t the least of my problems. The chaos began when I started going downstairs, and my little Pomeranian decided to come with me. Let me tell you how much dogs love to run down the stairs, and what a stray shard of tile can do to a dog’s unsuspecting paw. As he ran, my dog’s paw was caught in a little shard. He yelped then ran again, so we thought it was nothing. When I picked him up however, he had a cut on his paw.

So I bemoaned my stubbornness about getting cleaning services, and bundled my little dog to the vet. While he was recovering, I was complaining to my husband how the workers were very sloppy with the renovation. He gently reminded me that it wasn’t their fault that my dog stepped on a piece of tile; after all, we knew that the house was being renovated, and I didn’t get the proper precaution to avoid that.

This being said, we went home to a subdued house. The workers were very apologetic and told me that they are now putting the discarded pieces of tiles in a container. At this, I complained about the amount of dust and debris, because my lovely home is so dirty. The foreman once again urged me to look into cleaning services and introduced me to Fleet Cleaning.

So I placed a call and inquired about their cleaning services, asking if they can come in early the next day and to work alongside the workers to ensure that the house will be in tiptop shape when I finish working. The person who handled my case was very understanding and reassured me that he would do everything to address my concerns.

Thankfully, the work of his staff is everything he had promised, and more. They worked alongside the construction workers so that everything was neat. What’s more, there are no dust, dirt, and potentially harmful debris that was littering my home.

After our renovation, I started using Fleet Cleaning as my professional cleaning services provider. I recommended them to my friends and to my colleagues. I know that whatever cleaning service they may need to be done, Fleet Cleaning can provide a good job, just as what they did with my house.

Carpet Cleaning: Sydney Families Should Regularly Have Their Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Have you ever noticed how members of your family seem to fall into a coughing fit whenever they come home from the outdoors? Your plushy carpet might be to blame.

Carpet cleaning in Sydney has never been more pronounced as more and more households are determining that their carpets might be harbouring more than just carpet fibres. In fact, carpets act as virtual magnets for allergens such as pet dander, dust mites, and mold spores, among others. Allergens can provoke allergic reactions like sneezing and coughing in people with sensitive immune systems; in extreme cases, it can even restrict breathing. While there are many allergen triggers all over your home, your carpet might be harbouring many of them as the plushy material can contain up to 100 times more allergens than hard floors.

The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) disputes this figure when it claims that carpet fibres can trap allergy-provoking substances and prevent them from circulating in the air. Unfortunately, carpet cleaning in Sydney is still essential, as even though there are more allergens in the air, the slightest movement can disturb them.

How so? Imagine sitting down o your snag carpet. The moment you do so, you are disturbing all the allergens such as dust and pollen and sending them airborne, where they can circulate for several hours and where they will be free to wreak havoc on your family’s health. For this reason, most medical professionals advise those with severe allergies to remove wall-to-wall carpeting as this is more prudent than leaving to chance the possibility that your family can get sick.

This is especially true for families with small children, whose immune systems are still developing. Professional carpet cleaning in Sydney is becoming the norm for these families, as the kids tend to spend more time closer to the ground in comparison with adults. Since 11-square feet of carpet can have as much as 2 ounces of dust, your infant can end up swallowing about 0.4 ounces of dust in a daily basis.

Aside from dust, you should also be wary of pet dander, dust mites, mold, dirt, and pollen, among others. All these substances can burrow deep within the fibres of your carpets and rise to the air once the fabric is disturbed. Even your family pet can contribute to the allergen fiasco as its saliva, urine, and other secretions can trigger allergic reactions. Carpet cleaning in Sydney is further needed if your pet sheds fur, as animal hair can trap dust, pollen, and fleas. Even its dead skin or dander can also serve as allergens, as this material tends to stick to the floor as well. Now, all these allergens from your pet can be very problematic because they tend to stick and cling to surfaces, and when are disturbed can circulate in the air for a long time. It can even stick to clothing, so you could be walking around with allergens only clothes.

Yet even more disturbing than pet allergens are molds, which is proven to be a health hazard. Molds can develop through high humidity, leaky ceilings, or even something as simple as spills that aren’t properly cleaned up. In this case, even carpet cleaning in Sydney is considered as tricky, as shampooing or damp cleaning the carpet can even spread the growth of mold and mildew. If your carpet has become a breeding ground for molds, then it is dispersing harmful spores throughout the air whenever someone walks on your carpet.

All these allergens cannot be eradicated by vacuuming alone. For this reason, professional carpet cleaning in Sydney has become the trend for most moms as these professional cleaners have the necessary equipment and tools needed to successfully get rid of all allergens. What’s more, they have the expertise to remove even the most stubborn stains and marks. As a result, their carpets look better and actually promotes a healthier environment, as professional cleaning can get successfully get rid of the irritants. For these reasons, the moms therefore have more peace of mind when they allow their tots to play on the carpet, knowing that the carpet is a safe place for their kids to play on.

You can never go wrong with professional carpet cleaning in Sydney. If you’re ready to have a professional and reliable cleaner attend to your needs, contact Fleet Cleaning Services.

Your Carpet and Your Cleaning Habits: How Filthy is Your Carpet?

Carpets are great additions to homes. However, are your carpet cleaning habits up to par? Here’s what you need to know about carpet care.

Many floors all over Sydney are adorned with carpets of varying designs, colors, and sizes. Carpets are great additions to homes and can create a softer surface when you walk on floors. What’s more, it’s a handy padding once your little tot decides to explore and roam around. Given the many advantages it brings to your home, are you sure you are paying enough attention? When was the last time you properly cleaned your carpet?

Proper cleaning of carpets is necessary for homeowners (and business owners too, for that matter), as carpets can absorb up to four times of its weight in dirt. It can also be 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat. How so?

Without proper cleaning, your carpet can be trapping minute filaments such as dust, dirt, allergens, volatile organic compounds, and dead skin cells, among many others. These minute items tend to be absorbed by the carpet’s fibers. Also, unclean carpets are ripe breeding grounds for dust mites and bacteria, such as listeria and salmonella. To top it off, if you have pets, then your carpet may be filthy with pet hair, dander, and urine. This is just the tip of the iceberg, however, as there can be more harmful organisms that have made your carpet home since the time you had performed a thorough cleaning.

Not enough reason to think of the way you clean your carpet? Think about how majority of people would continue to eat food that has been dropped on a carpet, a big no-no since bacteria can live for up to four weeks on the material. What’s more, think of how many people walk on carpets without removing their footwear, which thereby brings dirt and mud from the outdoors, and burrowing these materials deeper into the fibers of the carpet. There are also those who would rather move furniture around to cover up a stain rather than clean their carpet properly. Not addressing spills not only results to staining, but builds up a damp location for more bacteria to grow.

So the next time you think of skimping on carpet cleaning, think of how it may be if there is someone in your family with known allergens. Allergens such as pollens and dust can be caught in the fibers of a dirty carpet. Just imagine what can happen if your kid has asthma and you left him to play on the carpet. Your kid can inhale the dog hair on your carpet fibers, which in turn can trigger an attack. Or what happen when your kid has a compromised immune system and is in the process of learning to crawl? He might pick up bacteria that can cause him to fall ill. And as children are wont to do, your kid is probably trying to explore and would therefore pick up lint and other material on your carpet and would put it in their pudgy little mouths. Without proper carpet cleaning, there are 100 times more allergens in carpets than there are on hard floors.

These are just some of the considerations when it comes to cleaning your carpet. Most people would clean it by vacuuming at least twice a week, but while doinprog so is essential, it doesn’t remove deep-set microorganisms such as dust mites and bacteria. So, to get rid of all the harmful elements in your carpet, you must consider professional cleaning services.

Professional carpet cleaning can remove deep-set microorganisms and stains, as well as make it look better and cleaner. Regular cleaning also extends the life of a carpet. In fact, it is recommended that carpets be professionally cleaned at least once every 12 to 18 months, more if there are people with asthma, children, and pets in the household. Neglecting to clean your carpets regularly when you have kids and pets turns your home into a hazardous environment for them.

For this reason, it pays to have professionals such as Fleet Cleaning perform carpet cleaning services for you. With professional cleaning services, you can tap commercial grade equipment, training, and expertise to ensure that your carpets do not only look clean, they are also thoroughly clean.

Why You Should Outsource Cleaning for Your Real Estate

If you own property that you’re renting out, you’ve gone to the right place. Here’s why outsource cleaning your real estate might be one of the best choices you’ll make.

In an ideal world, tenants would take care of your property as if it was their own. They would ensure that the paint is in tiptop condition and wouldn’t let their children doodle on your walls. The general upkeep of the house is in optimal shape; the doors and hinges wouldn’t creak, nor would there be any scuffs on the floor. In an ideal world, you wouldn’t have to worry about the appearance of your home once they move out.

Unfortunately, this is never what happens in actuality. Many property owners have come to their properties to see the fences need a good dose of scrubbing, or the basic appearance of the apartment looking unkempt. For these owners, outsource cleaning helped restore their properties and keep it neat. How so?

When you rent your space, you cannot always ensure that your tenants will take treat your property with the way you would care for it if you were there. They can be careless with the upkeep of the house, which is why there would be many things in the apartment that would need cleaning and touchups in order to get potential clients, once the old ones move out. Yet just imagining the laundry list of things to do can be overwhelming if you attempt to do them on their own – imagine, you’ll have to think about paint touchups, superficial corrections to the surfaces, and the general cleaning to think of. For this reason, outsource cleaning can be your solution.

Tapping a professional cleaning provider ensures that your space will be in tiptop shape after an end of lease cleaning. Professional cleaners would have the right tools, equipment, and chemicals that are needed to restore your property to its best shape. You no longer have to worry about finding the right products that are specific to your needs, or to find enough time in your busy schedule to go to the property and clean it yourself.

Aside from having the right equipment, professional cleaners offer comprehensive cleaning solutions that cater to all your needs. They can perform basic cleaning services, or pair it with re-upholstery services or carpet dusting. A good outsource cleaning service provider can also offer power washing, which is important if you want to clean the exterior of property, as well as your patio, driveways, and entryways.

Of course, they can also perform basic cleaning services that is can be as basic as sweeping the floors and scrubbing the walls, but why stop there? They can touchup on your paint job, remove marks from your walls and floors, dust your furniture, clean your upholstery, even remove grime from your exteriors. What’s more, they will work on your schedule so there’s no need to re-arrange your day just to accommodate them. Just state the services you need and when you need it, and they will come through for you everytime. High quality outsource cleaning has turned countless spaces to optimal rentals. Clients can come in and immediately see the potential of the place, giving them a good impression on your property.

That being said, it only makes sense that professional cleaning can do wonders for your property, particularly when you are looking to rent it anew. You can give your potential clients a glimpse of the possibilities when they rent your space, particularly when it is in its best shape. Once your rental space is in its best shape, chances are your potential tenants would be so impressed with your property, they would be willing to sign to your terms immediately.

Fleet Cleaning has been providing professional outsource cleaning services for over four decades. It employs highly skilled professionals in the field of professional cleaning and can provide superb services that include end of lease cleaning, pressure cleaning, and floor cleaning, among others. It pays extra attention to customer service and prides itself on exceeding client’s expectations, particularly when it comes to addressing each problem in the project. This way, clients can rest assured knowing that their outsource cleaning provider has their best interests in mind. Fleet Cleaning can provide topnotch cleaning services, anytime, every single time.