Fleet Cleaning Services Offers Retail Cleaning in Sydney

Fleet Cleaning Services, a leading professional cleaning company, now offers retail cleaning to its Sydney-based customers. Equipped with over four decades worth of experience in the cleaning industry, Fleet Cleaning continues to provide its clientele with top-of-the-line, high quality, and affordable cleaning services to the Greater Sydney region. The company prides itself on being committed to understanding the specific requirements of each customer, thereby giving them less things to worry about.

Since its inception in 1975, the 40-year strong company has continued to keep itself abreast with the latest changes in the cleaning industry. It therefore secures the appropriate expertise and material to ensure that all retail cleaning services in Sydney continue to meet the standards of its customers. Furthermore, it reaffirms the need for exceptional customer service, as it goes on to give clients the personal attention they need to ensure that all concerns about a project are addressed. There is also a single point-person per project, which effectively streamlines the process for clients who no longer have to go through the hoops just to find someone to raise their concerns to.

Aside from its commitment to customer service, Fleet Cleaning goes above and beyond performing service by providing regular site visits, hands-on supervision, and a pro-active approach to dealing with issues. In fact, retail cleaning in Sydney has never been easier; given the high level of professionalism this company offers its customers. Each service is planned according to the client’s schedule, thereby giving clients the opportunity to schedule cleaning when it is most convenient to them and their staff.

These things being said, below are some of the services of Fleet Cleaning:

  • Office and Commercial Cleaning – this service is highly recommended for those who have commercial spaces or offices but do not have in-house custodians to oversee the physical upkeep of the environment. Having a professional perform this service can do wonders to an office or commercial environment.
  • Builders Cleaning – aside from offering complete retail cleaning services in Sydney, Fleet Cleaning also offers builders cleaning, a popular choice to those who had their spaces renovated or revamped. As the bustle of renovations or construction winds down, the amount of dust and dirt continues to build up. By having a professional take care of the newly constructed space, property owners can then focus on the aesthetic rather than on the upkeep of their new space.
  • Pressure Cleaning – this is a popular option to those who want to clean the facades of their homes or buildings, or those who want to clean pavements, garages, patios, and other outdoor spaces, among others. Pressure cleaning utilizes a pressure washer to get rid of grime and stubborn spots, leaving the space sparkling after a dose of high-pressure cleaning.
  • Retail Cleaning – Sydney entrepreneurs seem to be always on the go as they look for more and more business opportunities to grow. That being said, the upkeep of their retail spaces can oftentimes be neglected. To avoid this, many entrepreneurs would hire professional cleaning services to ensure that their retail space is as impressive as the products on display.
  • Floor Cleaning – of course, the floors are perhaps among the most battered parts of both a building. Floor cleaning requires professional care because different kinds of floors require different materials for their upkeep, given that what can be beneficial to one can damage another. As one of the proponents of cleaning services in Sydney, Fleet Cleaning is well equipped to provide this service.
  • Carpet Cleaning – similar to retail cleaning in Sydney, cleaning carpets can be tricky because they are oftentimes ignored in an establishment. In fact, oftentimes it takes several months, sometimes even a year or two, before space owners realize that they need to have their carpets cleaned. For this reason, you can tap professional cleaning services so that your upholstery and carpets will be dusted and cleaned – ensuring therefore that they serve an aesthetic purpose and not as a health hazard.

These are just some of the services being offered by Fleet Cleaning. Aside from being one of the most reliable companies when it comes to retail cleaning, Sydney homeowners and entrepreneurs alike can rest assured, knowing that whatever their cleaning needs may be, Fleet Cleaning can provide high quality services. Truly, it is the only cleaning service provider they need.

A Checklist for Retail Cleaning

Those in retail know that cleaning is one of the most challenging aspects of the business. You have to stay on top of the inventory and get rid of old items, keep your files up to date, ensure that all pending deliveries have arrived, and generally remain in control of the situation, no matter the circumstances. Despite all your best efforts however, oftentimes there is an aspect of the business that you need to work on – particularly, the upkeep of your physical store.

Now, cleaning your store can be difficult. Just imagine the amount of merchandise you have to shift through in order to get to the grime on the floor. If that’s not daunting enough, look at all the floor area you have to thoroughly scrub!

Thankfully, retail cleaning can be easy if you are equipped with the right checklist. Here’s a nifty guide on what you should focus on so you can keep your store clean and tidy.


Start vacuuming.

Let’s face it: with everything that’s going on everyday, there are probably areas in your store that you have neglected to dust and clean. Think of hard-to-reach places, such as the space behind the printer or your bulky fax-photo copy-scanner machine. Chances are, whenever your custodian comes in to clean your office, these areas are left untouched.

When you are resolved to clean your store, you have to pay special attention to these often ignored places.


Pay attention to your air vents.

Retail cleaning is never complete without cleaning out your air vents. If your air vents are not cleaned regularly, you could be exposing your employees and shoppers to harmful organisms that can cause them to get sick. Likewise, you should also thoroughly scrub down and dust the shelves nearest the air vents, as these areas tend to accumulate the dirt and bacteria.


Remove old decorations.

We all know how much fun we had when we’re decorating our stores for the different holidays, but once you’ve decided to tidy your place, you have to remove these little trinkets!


Touchup on necessities.

Now comes the tricky part of retail cleaning: touching up on necessities! This involves repainting chipped or missing paint, resealing grouts around sinks or in between tiles, buffing and re-polishing floors, even washing light fixtures and bulbs! If you have upholstery, then it’s time to have them fixed as well.

With regular cleaning and dusting, these suggestions will go a long way when it comes to the upkeep of your commercial space. However, without a dedicated custodian or cleaner, all your best efforts would be for naught if the pristine condition of your store cannot be maintained. For this reason, you may consider hiring a professional cleaner.


Why you need a professional retail cleaning partner

First, having a professional cleaner on your side helps you focus on growing your business, instead of finding ways to keep everything tidy. Professional cleaners work on your schedule, so that your partner comes at a time that is most convenient to you. They can work while your store is open, or come in after your employees have left for the night. This minimizes disruption to your business, so you’re guaranteed that the service is built around your needs.

Furthermore, having professional cleaners on the job means that your store will have a safe and healthy environment. All the odd nooks and crannies will be cleaned, so there would be few, if any, space where bacteria can grow and thrive. A retail cleaning partner will routinely check your air vents and see to the upkeep of your store, depending on your specifications.

Finally, there are those who offer upholstery cleaning with retail cleaning services. For example, Fleet Cleaning can clean office chairs, conference seating, and chaise lounge, among others. They can also fix reception area sofas and chairs. Since these areas are highly visible to potential clients, you need to leave a favorable impression to your visitors by providing them with a comfortable stay.

All these and more are among the benefits you can glean when you engage in the services of professional cleaners. Of course, you can always opt to have your cleaning needs performed by your staff, but there are some jobs that are best left to professionals.

Cleaning in Sydney for Your Vinyl Flooring

We have already touched upon the need for professional floor cleaning in Sydney for your vinyl floors. At Fleet Cleaning, we offer floor cleaning for your vinyl and engineered timber flooring. With over four decades of expertise in responding to your cleaning needs, we continue to provide an exceptional level of personal attention to every account. We also assign one person to oversee and manage all of your requirements, and provide regular site visits, hands-on supervision, and a proactive approach to dealing with your problems.

As a professional cleaning company, here’s what we can do for your floors.


Vinyl is a flooring material preferred by many because it is affordable and durable. It can withstand spills and heavy foot traffic, but at the same time is susceptible to scuffs and markings. It is also very vulnerable to chemicals, making its upkeep challenging to those who have no knowledge of the material. As such, floor cleaning in Sydney is becoming a popular option for those who own vinyl flooring.

How so? Vinyl flooring is designed in such a way that the topmost layer inhibits liquids and dirt from penetrating through the flooring, providing a protective layer that safeguards against stains and further damage. This protective layer is called the polish, and it has to be reapplied in regular intervals since it takes on frequent beating, particularly in areas where there is heavy floor traffic.

You know it’s time to bring in professional cleaners when your vinyl flooring still looks dull and lackluster even after you cleaned it. The ideal upkeep of vinyl flooring is usually twice a year.

When you tap the services of a professional cleaner company that offers floor cleaning in Sydney, your old floors will be stripped off its existing polish. We will apply a new layer of polish (usually three layers of polish is the minimum for optimal protection) and will buff the area so your floor will look new once again as it regains maximum surface gloss and shine. With revamped polishing comes the added benefit of your floors becoming more resilient to general wear and tear.

Aside from this process, professional cleaners protect your floor from further damage that you could inadvertently cause your floors. For instance, pouring polishing agents directly to the flooring can cause uneven surface gloss and streaking. There is a right way to go about cleaning vinyl, and we have the expertise and technical know-how on how to do so.

As a firm that offers floor cleaning in Sydney, we use clean and appropriate materials such as applicator pads that ensure the even distribution of our cleaning agents. There is also a curing time that needs to be followed before adding another layer of polish, and before foot traffic is allowed in the area. There is also a waiting period to ensure that the polish has achieved its maximum toughness.

We are with you every step of the way, providing professional cleaning services from start to finish. Our services for floor cleaning in Sydney is performed in three stages: preparatory, where we scrub, buff, and clean your flooring; application of polish; and regular maintenance. This ensures that you will have the proper support to always have sparkling floors.

Now, the amount of maintenance that you need varies, depending on the amount of floor traffic your floor is exposed to, as well as how frequently it is cleaned, the materials you are using, and the quality of seal that was previously placed on the floor, among others. In essence, a telltale sign that you need to have your floors attended to is when the polish has lost its sheen and your floor looks dull.

At times, it pays to have a professional to strip the polish from your surface to remove all the grime that is visible. As providers of professional floor cleaning in Sydney, we use top-of-the-line equipment to expedite this complex process to ensure that your time won’t be wasted. We do the job in a manner that is as efficient and effective as possible. Aside from that, we also apply a quality sealer so that the polish stays in for as long as possible.

You will be able to see the difference when you use our services for floor cleaning in Sydney. You can have clean, sparking floors that appear as vibrant as the day you installed them: all you have to do is call us and ask about our services.

What Builders Cleaning in Sydney Can Do For You

Builders cleaning in Sydney is quickly becoming a necessity for homeowners and commercial owners alike. While living in a fast-paced setting, everyone wants to modernize their space to keep abreast of their competitors or peers. That being said, more and more people are looking to renovate their old spaces, revamp their homes, or simply improve the façade of an already impressive building.


Yet construction in general is not a clean-cut task.  While the blueprints may be straightforward in terms of what-goes-where, more often than not plans may be in disarray. For example, a carpenter may misread the plans and cut out an entirely different design for a cabinet – thereby wasting materials and precious labour.

For this reason, builder cleaning in Sydney is becoming a popular service. These professional cleaners would swoop in and help out when the dust has settled and the construction is finished – or even while the construction is ongoing. They can help workers focus on the task at hand – that is, building the space in the way the client wants – without compromising the quality of their work because they are bogged down with cleaning duties.

Cleaning construction space, after all, is not an easy task. Hazardous materials such as paint, paint thinners, and primers, among others, must be taken care of properly to ensure that they don’t leak and affect the construction. For instance, a spillage from paint thinner can ruin wood flooring. Builders cleaning in Sydney sees to this by using specially formulated chemicals to remove paint marks, skid marks, and the likes from the property, thereby leaving it in tip-top condition. What’s more, professional cleaners have the expertise and materials needed to ensure that the space is in the best shape that in can be.

Now, once construction is completed, home and commercial owners alike are excited to see how the project looked like. Unfortunately, it often looks like it snowed indoors, what with the amount of dust settled on the floor, windowsills, and other areas of the property.  In fact, many new residential owners of condominiums and apartment units were ecstatic to spend their first night at their new property, only to be thwarted by the amount of dust when they walk in.

Builders cleaning in Sydney then ensures that the move is as painless and as pleasant as it can be. They will take on the difficult job of ensuring that the property is ready for occupancy. This includes dusting all the floors and the walls, mopping the flooring, spot cleaning of accidental cement spots or paint markings, cleaning of doorframes and other fixtures, among others. For residential areas, builders cleaning can involve a thorough cleaning of the bathroom walls, floors, and toilets. It can also involve high pressure cleaning for external area, such as patios and driveways. For more extensive cleaning, you can even have all furniture dusted and stainless steel polished.

Once builders cleaning in Sydney had taken on the rigorous task of transforming a drab, newly renovated space into living space, owners can then focus on transforming their new and improved property into their specified purpose. Commercial owners can then focus on highlighting the good parts of the property and offer it to the market for rent or for selling, or homeowners can focus on purchasing furniture and appliances that will make their home more cozy. Business owners can move in their employees with ease, knowing that their property is safe from hazardous material that can compromise everyone’s health and wellbeing.

Whatever the purpose of a property owner may be, one can never go wrong with professional builders cleaning in Sydney. It thereby reduces the pressure of the owners having to don on gloves and applying elbow grease to their property, just to ensure that their space will showcase them in the way they see fit.

After all, why should they do the hard work when they can have professionals do the work for them? Professional cleaning companies such as Fleet Cleaning Services offer full builders cleaning in Sydney properties, where its highly skilled staff can focus on having the premises looking clean, new, and ready for tenants and customer to move in. It also offers flexible terms and can customize its services to ensure that the cleaning will occur at the time most convenient for everyone involved.

Builders Cleaning: A Must-Have At Every Residential Renovation

Most of us would expect builders to leave a building or newly renovated space sparkling and ready for occupation once they leave, but you’d be surprised to see that you actually need builders cleaning. How so?


Take a look at the space you are having renovated, revamped, or built. Chances are, you will see dirt and debris on every corner, with dust visibly swirling in the air. You have cement packs on the floor, building materials on another corner, and piles of nails on yet another corner. The unpainted walls are dusty; the un-tiled floors are even dustier, with the furnishings placed on the sides accumulating dust. Everywhere you look, it seems like dust has overtaken your home.

The amount of dirt and dust generated by building works is phenomenal, and with it are health-risks and more hazards. Take for example a neglected bottle of paint thinner. When the builders left for the day, they could have left an open bottle of paint thinner on the floor. Having a builders cleaning service provider would’ve noticed that and would’ve kept the hazardous material away. However, you opted to do away with the professional cleaning service. You went to the area being renovated, swept it with your watchful eye, and left it as you prepared dinner for your family. As you and your family are settling down, well away from the area being renovated, your family pet wandered into the area, knocked over the bottle of paint thinner, and licked the contents. The results are therefore disastrous.

Keeping hazardous materials away is only a part of a professional cleaning service. You can coordinate with a builders cleaning company to work on site while your space is being renovated, or everyday after the builders have left. This minimizes the amount of dirt and dust infecting your home during daytime, so that you can rest easy at night knowing that while one part of your home is being renovated, it is still as clean as and as hygienic as you can make it. Plus, the rest of your home would not have to suffer from the dust and dirt.

You can also opt to have a cleaning service come in once the renovation is completed. This ensures that your cleaning service provider will remove all leftover debris that you will be hard-pressed to remove on your own. For instance, builders cleaning can remove leftover scrap materials (such as wood, steel, or aluminum) that you have no use for in the future. They can also remove marks to your space and furniture that would require special cleaning solutions, such as paint marks on your floor from any repainting streaks, or scuffs on your hardwood from the heavy equipment utilized during the day.

You can also prepare the space for living arrangements by having it cleaned thoroughly – including cleaning your furnishings (such as your moldings, most of which you cannot reach) and other hidden nooks and crannies. A builders cleaning can involve dusting your newly renovated living space, steam cleaning of your floorings, extensive cleaning of your windows and other pertinent tasks.

Of course, by enlisting the services of a reputable cleaning company such as Fleet Cleaning, you are not only ensuring that your newly renovated space is safe for occupancy, you are also ensuring that your home is in the best shape that it can be. Builders cleaning clear away the unseen threats that may be lurking in your home, such as contaminants that may harm your family, or germs and bacteria that are in the area.

At the end of the day, your family will be occupying your newly renovated space, which is why you need it to be ready for you when you move right in. At Fleet Cleaning, we have highly skilled staff that can provide builders cleaning services to get rid of the leftover debris, dust, and dirt, ensuring that your new space is just the way you want it. We work with owners, builders, architects and designers and can provide work at their convenience, so we can device a plan to get the job done on a schedule that everyone is comfortable in. We are very flexible in terms of factoring in extra hours or having staff on stand-by, just to ensure that your premises are clean and safe for the ones that you love.

Professional Floor Cleaning for Your Vinyl Flooring

Floor cleaning is usually pretty straightforward. If you have vinyl flooring however, you’re in for more difficult ride.

Vinyl flooring is the choice of many people because it’s affordable, durable, and water-resistant. It comes in different patterns, colors, and textures, so there are many options to choose from. They are also easy to install, in the sense that demolition is not needed just to put it on.

Relatively, vinyl flooring is low maintenance. Unfortunately, it also has downsides. For instance, vinyl is a fire hazard, as it releases toxic chemicals into the air once it catches fire. For this reason, vinyl is not advisable for commercial kitchens or wherever there is a constant risk of fire.

Secondly, vinyl floor cleaning can prove to be difficult when the flooring ages. Most vinyl flooring turns yellow with age, which is attributed to direct sunlight, or dirt trapped beneath the material. In this case, no matter how hard you scrub, the yellow scum just won’t come off.

Speaking of yellowing, vinyl is also susceptible to staining when it is in contact with rubber. Rubber can scuff the floor and permanently discolor your flooring. Imagine this risk when you are in a place where rubber is a permanent fixture, such as the rubber soles of your sneakers or even mats that have rubber backing. This can make floor cleaning very difficult.

Another common complaint about vinyl flooring is that you have to ensure that the subfloor is smooth and flat. It has to be clean and clear of all particles – including miniscule stones and small grains. In case you do not clear it properly, then they will show through the vinyl in lumps and bumpy sections. It can also result to loose tiles. Over time, these small items that are trapped beneath the vinyl can wear down the material and cause tears and rips on your flooring.

Finally, vinyl flooring is crafted using polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which emits volatile organic compounds (VOC) when they are new. This means that floor cleaning may be the least of your worries, as the toxic gassing can lead to eye irritation, asthma, and respiratory problems. This outgassing often occurs early on and is based on the chemical makeup of the material, so try to find a manufacturer that uses less PVC on their products.

These things being said, vinyl is still an ideal flooring for homeowners and entrepreneurs who want to make an impression with flashy floors without the normal hefty cost of ceramic or porcelain tiles. Yet taking care of vinyl floors is not as easy as you think.

For instance, you’ll have to learn low-impact floor cleaning techniques and avoid heavy-duty cleansers, as vinyl is very susceptible to chemicals. Instead, you’ll have to clean your floor manually by sweeping it everyday or vacuuming it at night, and wiping every single spill immediately. You have to remove dirt as well.

You also have to use the right cleanser, as there are different soaps designed for specific vinyl flooring. No-wax vinyl needs specific cleaners, and older vinyl will need waxing. It can be a minefield if you are not sure of which materials to use, as the wrong material can irreversibly damage your vinyl floors. Finally, you’ll have to purchase floor protectors for your appliances and furniture, as the heavy material can dent your flooring.

Floor cleaning can also be tricky after you’ve moved furniture. When we move furniture and appliances, particularly heavy ones like a refrigerator or a couch, we tend to drag them instead of lifting them up. Unfortunately, dragging these items across your vinyl flooring even for a short time (such as the second you dragged it just because you needed to catch your breath!) can scratch and scuff the surface of your flooring.

When the upkeep of your vinyl flooring becomes too much for you, you can turn to floor cleaning professionals such as Fleet Cleaning. Fleet Cleaning understands how easily vinyl is marked or scuffed, particularly at entry and exit points of establishments. We specialize in vinyl floor cleaning and know exactly how to treat your floors. We use gentle and effective ways to remove these marks, giving you vinyl flooring that still looks new.