Why You Need Pressure Cleaning in Sydney

Pressure cleaning in Sydney is becoming a popular option among homeowners, particularly to those who have driveways, garages, and patios. Here’s why.

The world is certainly reeling from the very evident need for climate change. Temperatures have soared to record breaking highs, while the world around us is changing. For instance, the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef has now reached the Sydney Harbour, showing how the prolonged heatwave in recent months have affected marine life.

Yet with these swatches of unbearable heat down our necks, life has to go on. That includes cleaning your garage. But must you waste all that water at the expense of the planet?

Here’s how pressure cleaning in Sydney can clean your garage without wasting too much of the planet’s – and your – resources.


Garages are filthy.

One of the things that we like to do when we clean our garages is to wash the area with a lot of water. This includes just hosing down the entire area with the wish that it washes away all the grime, dirt, oils, and whatnots. Unfortunately, oil stains and other debris require more than just water to be removed.

When you use a pressure washer, you are using less water. Each machine has different pressure thresholds, and the higher the pressure, the less water it uses. Pressure cleaning in Sydney measures water pressure in pound per square inch or PSI. An ideal pressure cleaner for a garage lies within the range of 3000 PSI, which uses about 2 to 5 gallons per minute. Since pressure cleaners use less water per minute in comparison with normal hoses, you will then be using the water directly on the spots that needed to be focused on, instead of wasting all the water by hosing down the entire place.


Cleaning your garage requires you to spend energy.

Assuming that you want to clean your garage on your own, think of the energy and effort you will exert that you could have spent on more rewarding endeavors. When you don’t use pressure cleaning in Sydney, you will have to scrub your entire garage, pretreat oil or grease stains with a degreaser, scrub it and wait for the treatment to be absorbed. While that’s happening, you’ll have to soak the remaining area with another degreasing solution. Then scrub it again and hose it down with water. Just in case the stains don’t disappear, you’ll have to do it all over again.

All these actions require plain elbow grease. Why spend time, energy, and resources (just think of how much everything you’ll need will add up once you’re at the checkout – after all, you’ll need a degreaser, something to treat the stains, brushes, and a hose, among others), when you can ask someone to do it for you? Pressure cleaning in Sydney is offered by many reputable companies that are more than willing to do the work for you. These companies, such as Fleet Cleaning, have the necessary expertise and technical know-how on how to maximize their tools to clean your space efficiently, without wasting resources.


Pressure cleaning your property without proper knowledge can be dangerous.

If there were something you have to know about pressure cleaning, it would be that it is dangerous for first timers. For instance, pressure washing in your bare feet is a big no-no, as the high pressure can rip the skin off your feet. Not a pretty thing to imagine, right? That’s why pressure cleaning in Sydney is a godsend to those who want their residential and commercial spaces cleaned. Aside from the bodily harm you can inflict on yourself, there’s also the risk that you could be using the wrong pressure washer. For instance, you can hook up a pressure washer to a hot water line, which is another big no-no, as the seals and gaskets are not designed for hot temperatures.

Overall, pressure cleaning in Sydney is best left to professionals. It will save you time and money, not to mention the amount of energy you will be exerting to clean everything. Fleet Cleaning offers comprehensive and affordable pressure cleaning services that are guaranteed to meet your needs, and you will know that the task will be performed correctly. No more risk of damage to your self – or to your property.

Six Reasons You Need Commercial Cleaning in Sydney

Your employees are doing their part to ensure that your business is running smoothly – make sure you ease their burdens by providing commercial cleaning in your Sydney office! Aside from making your office clean and neat, professional cleaning can do wonders for your business.


A clean environment boosts productivity

While Albert Einstein argued that a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, studies have shown that having a clean environment is conducive to productivity, particularly for repetitive tasks such as filing papers or responding to customers. Without clutter to distract your employees, they can focus on the task at hand without having to go through a mountain of scratch papers just to find the one document they need to be signed. They can also find the things they need in a snap – without having to go through empty coffee cups and candy wrappers.


Having professional commercial cleaning in your Sydney office takes worries off your employees

Have you ever noticed that your employees are bolting out of their seats at the end of the day, as if they’re eager to get out of the office before everyone else? That’s because nobody wants to be the last one out of the office, as the last person to leave is almost always saddled with cleaning duties. Therefore, having a dedicated cleaner helps your employees do their best without having to cut corners at the end of the day just because they don’t want to be the last one out of the office.


It makes space sharing more ideal

Many offices that need cleaning in Sydney have a space sharing setup, where dayshift workers will use the workstations during the day, while nightshift workers will use the same areas at night. Oftentimes this leads to arguments, particularly if the other person sharing the space has a tendency to keep rubbish on the desk. After all, who wants to come in for work to find their desk littered with rubbish that they didn’t leave behind?


It reduces health concerns

Countless studies have stipulated that unkempt places are health hazards. While your employees may clean up after themselves, your space is still a health hazard if the carpets are not vacuumed, or your electric fans left undusted. Commercial cleaning in Sydney can take care of these tasks and more, including defrosting he refrigerator, cleaning lights, flushing through coffee machines, taking out the rubbish, vacuuming, dusting, polishing, washing up, and generally cleaning up. This then ensures that your office’s every nook and cranny is thoroughly clean – from evident junk to microorganisms that may compromise your employees’ health.


It gives a lasting impression to visitors

Make no qualms about it – countless people will be visiting your office. Your commercial space must be spotless from the get-go: from the reception area down to the individual workstations. But how are you to do that without commercial cleaning in Sydney? By hiring a professional cleaner, your office will then look attractive and appealing to potential clients and employees alike. It sends the impression that you mean business – and that means


The professional cleaner is not on your payroll

Employing a professional cleaner on your payroll can be expensive, particularly if you just need minimal cleanup. Aside from paying for the employee’s monthly salary, you also have to pay for their government-mandated benefits. By hiring a professional cleaning company, you can then tell them how much or how little work you need to be done, and you will be billed accordingly. You no longer have to worry about the upkeep of your office, as a commercial cleaning company in Sydney will ensure that everything appears just the way you instructed.

These are just some of the benefits your business can gleam from having professional cleaning performed. With Fleet Cleaning Services, you can tap a reliable service provider who can handle office and commercial cleaning in Sydney, from small concessional offices, commercial spaces within business parks, large offices from established corporations, to even multi-floor or open-plan office buildings.  Whatever your cleaning needs may be, Fleet Cleaning Services can deliver.

Are you ready to have your office and commercial space cleaned? Contact us on info@fleetcleaning.com.au for more details. 

Pressure Cleaning 101

We all want our offices and homes to look appealing, so we go to such lengths to ensure that our space is clean and neat. In fact, most places can benefit from pressure cleaning. Homes, offices, commercial spaces, public spaces, the list goes on and on… you can never go wrong by deciding to scrub down an area frequented by your family, clients, or visitors.

Unfortunately, despite your staunch decision to keep everything tidy, liquid spillage will take place, the exterior of your building will be filled with grime, or your beautiful patio may have a mold infestation in the making. You may need to remove loose paint or to scrub down a surface so you can prepare it for repainting. Or there may be a beehive or a wasp nest growing in a hard-to-reach area of your property. There are just some instances where you need to enlist the services of a professional pressure cleaning company to ensure that your space is as clean as it can be. Particularly when you’ve tried everything in your power to clean your property – including water, soap, scrubbing, scouring… even pouring chemicals onto living spaces just to get rid of the dirt.


How It Works

Hydrocleaning or high-pressure cleaning or waterblasting utilizes a high-pressure mechanical sprayer to remove dust, dirt, grime, loose paint, mold, mud, and other stains from surfaces and objects such as buildings, concrete surfaces, and vehicles, among others. It is used in commercial spaces (such as when you want to clean the exterior of your building), office and residential spaces (such as when you hose down the entire area before moving in), and other venues.

When all other cleaning agents have failed, pressure cleaning works by relying on water pressure. It compresses air and mixes it with water, and this potent mixture is then shoot through a nozzle. Putting the pressurized air and water through a nozzle results to an increase in pressure that can blast out even the most stubborn grime and dirt. It works on almost every kind of surface, including brick, concrete, and wood. What’s more, as long as a professional performs the cleaning, it will not damage your paint or your exterior’s finish.

Some people want to mix in a mild detergent to the mix to thoroughly clean their surfaces. However, pressure cleaning experts such as Fleet Cleaning Services advises clients to check the products first as some surfaces are chemically-sensitive, such as marble which reacts to acidic materials.


Why You Should Leave It to Professionals

Surfaces such as building exteriors and walkways need to be impressive to usher in more business for you. However, when your property is plagued with harmful microorganisms such as algae, black mildew, molds, or fungi, you are compromising not only your health but your family’s and visitors’ as well. Your property may also be coated with exhaust soot, road grime, pollen, and dust, among others, that can compromise the appearance of your walkways, walls, and roof. It is not only a question of appearing clean, but of hygiene as well.

Of course, you can always opt to perform pressure cleaning yourself. Unfortunately, this is something that is best left to professionals who have the tools and expertise to make your surfaces shine. What’s more, when performed incorrectly, a pressure cleaner can chip off the paint on your surface or damage your property. You also have to think of the effort it will take you to scrub down surfaces, such as your fences and walls. This is a time-consuming task that will take you hours, if not days to complete, if you are inexperienced. If you want your property to look attractive and you don’t want to pay for expensive paint jobs or renovations, then the best solution is pressure cleaning.

Fleet Cleaning Services has been performing this service for over four decades, letting you rest assured that your property is left in the hands of the most capable professionals. We pride ourselves on the exceptional level of personal attention we devote to each project, as one person will manage and oversee all your cleaning needs. Contact us today if you are ready to experience the difference a professional pressure cleaning crew can do for you and your property.

5 Telltale Signs You Need to Hire a Professional Cleaning Service for your Business Now

It is not a well-kept secret that we are in the busiest time of our lives today. It’s a paradox when you think of it, the technology is continuously innovating, more and more tasks are simplified and made more convenient, and yet, we find ourselves having no time. The busiest places in the world needs more than 24 hours in one day. New York, London, Sydney—if these key cities stopped working, it will be as if the world would stop spinning.

Some Australia-based companies—mostly those who are just starting, would consider hiring professional cleaning services in Sydney to be just an added expense. Some would think that the idea of outsourcing such services is impractical. But, if you find yourself nodding and relating to the following scenarios, then maybe you should be googling up “best cleaning services in Sydney” ASAP.

Being busy is not a bad thing. In fact, it is one of the indicators of success. But, if you run a company and instead of being a businessman you are just busy, maybe it’s time to reevaluate the things that preoccupy your attention and focus on the things that really matters.


It is not your job to clean.

Sure, you’re the boss of a company, the CEO, the founder—that’s exactly why you don’t have to worry about the cleaning. It’s not being boastful or arrogant, it’s setting your priorities straight and focusing on what you should be worrying about—and that is not maintaining the cleanliness of your workplace yourself.

A great leader knows how to properly delegate tasks; there is an HR department to ensure a harmonious working environment, a marketing department to take care of the company’s public relations and an accounting department to oversee the finances and other monetary things.

Acquiring cleaning services in Sydney is just one way of prioritizing and creating a fully organized business that would be beneficial for you today and in the long run. They are called professionals because it’s their job, they know what they are doing and they are good at it.


Things and Places are left dirty.

Nobody likes coming in at the office with dirty floors, cobwebbed ceilings and dusty tabletops welcoming you. You can’t expect your employees do some cleaning because it is not part of their job description. More often than not, even if they want to clean, they are too tired or too eager to go home and rest. It would be a sigh of relief knowing that there are lots of potential cleaning services in Sydney that would do the job and all that would greet you good morning the next day is the scent of fresh beginnings and the sight of a bright future.


No one is in charge.

Unless you hire an employee to ensure the cleanliness of your office throughout the day, then nobody will take the responsibility of maintaining a clean environment. This is why acknowledging the importance of cleaning services in Sydney is important. Once you do so, they will be in charge. You will know who to contact, who to ask and who to blame if the job isn’t done. (Of course you should hire cleaning services in Sydney with good track record!)


Surprise sanitation inspections and client visits.

When there is nobody liable to the commitment of maintaining a building or an office clean, most likely that dirty places will be left dirty until someone can’t take it anymore and that is not a good thing. What if your biggest client decided to drop by your office one day—the day that your office is incidentally in its dirtiest form? Would that send out a good image? If you know the answer, start looking for great cleaning services in Sydney that can rescue you from your potential nightmare!


You don’t have the equipment to clean.

Aside from not having enough knowledge on which areas to clean and how to clean them properly, you don’t have the tools to do it. Mops and rugs may seem to be enough, but you don’t know that. Professional cleaning services in Sydney invest in their tools of their trade. They have machinery that ensure their reputation as good, if not one of the best cleaning services in Sydney.

If you still think that investing in hiring cleaning services for Sydney-based companies is a waste of money and expenditure, try to do the math. Calculate the initial cash outs when buying cleaning equipment like industrial vacuums and glass cleaners (which probably will be used once or twice a month), or allocating salary for individual cleaning personnel.

You need to remember that if it is for the betterment and benefit of your company, it is a good investment and you are not throwing away money. Outsourcing cleaning services in Sydney may not be as appealing as buying top of the line computers or getting the latest version of software, but it will do good for the aesthetic of your company—literally and figuratively speaking.

Hiring cleaning services in Sydney may just be one way of reducing what’s on your plate, after all, you may use your supposed cleaning time in to focusing on matters that you should be thinking about.

Basic Considerations When Working with Office Cleaning Service Providers

Running a business requires so much time, energy and resources. Whether you’re a small business owner or someone who runs or manages a large organisation or enterprise, you’ll find it difficult to address everything your business needs on your own. With people to handle and business targets to meet, it may not be possible to juggle all the things that matter to your company regardless of your core competencies and time-management skills.

This is where outsourcing certain tasks to independent service providers comes in handy. While there are a variety of jobs or tasks crucial to your business which you can delegate to a third party provider, there are seemingly mundane yet important tasks like office cleaning that you can also outsource to help you save time and focus on your key business objectives.

Office cleaning is not as simple a task as it sounds. If you’re a small business owner, you may think it’s more practical to save by going the DIY route or delegating the task to your own staff.  However, most businesses nowadays recognise the long-term benefits of employing professional cleaning services to handle their office cleaning needs.

This is because cleaning offices and commercial spaces is not merely about maintaining the cleanliness of the workplace. Instead it’s about caring for your employees’ and clients’ health and safety while creating a good impression on anyone entering your business premises. And when it comes to running a business, investing in your staff and customers’ well-being always yields to high, long-term returns.

It doesn’t mean that you’ll just call any commercial cleaning company out there and hire them for your office cleaning needs. Nowadays, it’s a lot easier to find a commercial cleaning service provider in your area as there are countless of them that offer and market their services online. What’s difficult is to narrow down your options until you get to pick the right office cleaning contractor.

Like in hiring other types of services for your business, there are important factors to take into consideration when working with a commercial cleaning company. These include the range of cleaning services you need, the frequency of their cleaning, the cost the job entails, and so on.

  1. Know how much you can afford.
    Cost is one of the major considerations that businesses take into account when hiring a professional office cleaning company. Yet this depends on a lot of other factors, such as the range of services, the quality of service and the frequency of cleaning that your contractor will do.Large corporations and commercial establishments normally are capable of shelling out more money for office cleaning services as they have wider and bigger work areas to clean. Compared to small shops and offices, large office and commercial spaces also receive higher volumes of foot traffic which means more intensive cleaning requirements, hence higher costs.

Office cleaning costs also vary depending on the type of business. For instance, clinics and other medical facilities require more specialised cleaning so the cleaning company may provide higher price quotes for cleaning these areas as compared to ordinary retail shops.

  1. Identify the types of cleaning and maintenance jobs that you need done.
    Commercial and office cleaning services involve a wide range of cleaning jobs. Before hiring a contractor to handle your cleaning needs, you should create a list of cleaning tasks that you expect them to do. Normally office cleaning companies perform daily tasks such as sweeping and vacuuming floors and walkways, trash collection and removal, cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms and washing facilities, restocking bathroom supplies, and so on.On the other hand, you may include in the contract some office cleaning tasks that don’t have to be done daily, such as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, window cleaning, cleaning lighting and electric fans, etc. Many commercial cleaning services also offer periodic cleaning and maintenance of your office appliances and equipment, such as refrigerators, coffee machines, lighting fixtures, desktops, headsets and so on. Knowing which cleaning and maintenance jobs to outsource will save you from extra costs and unwanted stress of dealing with your office cleaning needs.
  1. Consider the frequency and time of cleaning.

The beauty of working with a third party provider is that they are flexible enough to meet your office cleaning requirements. You can ask the cleaning company to send their staff daily, semi-weekly, weekly or as needed. Office and commercial cleaning companies usually operate during non-working hours, either in early morning or at night so they won’t get in the way of your business operations. However, professional commercial cleaners are also capable of performing their tasks silently and diligently so you may also opt to have them present during your working hours.

To determine how much work and how frequent your cleaning jobs will take, consider such factors as your business nature and size, number of rooms and bathrooms to clean, average amount of foot traffic your premises receive, and of course your budget.

Understanding the Functions, Purposes and Advantages of Commercial Cleaning Services

There are a variety of factors that contribute to the success of every organisation or business. One of this is taking the necessary steps to ensure the workplace is safe, healthy and conducive for its workers. Offices and commercial spaces are expected to be clean, hygienic and safe as these are places where employers and employees spend many hours of their day. Moreover, a clean and presentable office or shop is a plus factor when it comes to making a good impression on visitors or customers.

Addressing the cleanliness and sanitation requirements of a commercial establishment, however, may not always be something that business owners and employees can do on their own. While there are some companies that are able to have their in-house janitorial staff, some businesses especially small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) do not have the same resources. For this reason, cleaning services exist and until now remain a very competitive industry.


How Office and Commercial Cleaning Services Work

Commercial cleaning as a type of service offering includes cleaning, sanitation and maintenance of a wide range of commercial and industrial settings. Commercial cleaners can be seen in offices, shops, restaurants, schools, hospitals, airports, and the like. They also service residential complexes, factories, warehouses, construction sites and other industrial premises.

Like other kinds of service providers, commercial cleaning companies have defined business practices and offer tailored services according to their manpower and resources. Cleaning companies make use of a wide array of cleaning methods, products, tools and equipment to facilitate and simplify their cleaning processes.

The tasks of commercial cleaning service crews vary depending on the area being cleaned and scope of offered service. Normally their scope of work includes general and routine cleaning of windows, floors, carpeting and tiles, internal and partition walls, suspended ceilings, kitchen and dining areas, restrooms and washing facilities.

Below are the more specific tasks that commercial cleaning professionals carry out. Many of these are done daily while others can be performed weekly:

*dusting, cleaning and polishing of appliances and furniture

*removing dirt and dust from windows, walls, ceilings, overhead pipes and fixtures

*vacuuming carpets and upholstery

*cleaning, polishing and re-waxing of floors

*cleaning and disinfecting sinks and bathroom fixtures; restocking bathroom supplies

*applying chemicals and solvents to remove dirt and stains from surfaces

*removal of rubbish and recyclable materials; emptying of trash bins and containers

*operating heavy duty cleaning equipment to clean industrial work areas and machines

*removing dust, lint, soot, grease, oil, sludge and other residues from industrial machines, interior and exterior parts of boilers, tanks and furnaces, as well as hulls and holds of ships

There are various other tasks associated in office and commercial cleaning. Depending on the agreement between the company or business establishment and their chosen service provider, commercial cleaners can render special services as necessary, or on a rotating basis. These commercial cleaning services may include carpet cleaning, polishing marble, waxing and stripping floors, litter picking and trash removal, as well as routine cleaning and sanitising telephones, headsets and IT in the office or establishment.


Advantages of Outsourcing Commercial Cleaning Tasks

Much has been said about the benefits that commercial cleaning gives to companies, businesses and organisations, whatever the field or industry. As mentioned earlier, large corporations and businesses may opt to employ their own cleaning personnel and purchase all their needed cleaning tools and equipment. On the other hand, small businesses, retail shops and offices will find it more practical to outsource the cleaning tasks to a reliable commercial cleaning company.

One known benefit of hiring commercial cleaners is reduced costs on the part of the business owner. Running a business already entails a lot of expenditures that investing in your own cleaning equipment may not be a good decision financial wise. Commercial cleaning companies, especially those that are leading the cleaning service industry, have state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and employ cost-effective techniques or methodologies to deliver satisfactory results to their clients.

Furthermore, these companies make use of industry-standard cleaning products and chemicals that will guarantee a high level of quality cleaning, sanitation and hygiene for workplaces and business premises. Commercial cleaners are also expected to have undergone the necessary training in office and commercial cleaning, which may not be the same case when you hire your own janitorial staff.