Have a Worry Free Renovation with After Builders Cleaning

Have a Worry Free Renovation with After Builders Cleaning

Having a house or an office renovated has its set of worries already without having to add the problem of cleaning up after the renovation has been completed.  If you’ve ever had any kind of renovation, reconstruction or repair job done, you would know that cleaning up after a completed job is in itself a whole other task.  This is especially true if there is woodwork involved.  Sawdust is one of the most difficult after construction debris to remove because it gets so fine which means it can get into even the smallest of crevices.  To have a worry free renovation, get after builders cleaning.

After builders cleaning is when a professional cleaning service comes in after a renovation or construction has been completed to thoroughly clean up and sanitize the newly renovated area.  One of the main advantages of getting after builders cleaning help is you’re ensured a level of deep and thorough cleaning of your living or workspace by experienced and skilled cleaning crews.  They are able to do this through the use of proper cleaning equipment and solutions.  Furthermore, having professional after builders cleaning done reduces the risk of damaging your newly renovated space should you choose to do the cleaning yourself.  There are certain precautions and care that need to be remembered when dealing with a newly renovated space which when not taken could result in marring or damaging surfaces or fixtures.

After builders cleaning crews also have a checklist of cleaning tasks that they strictly follow and they don’t just clean the newly renovated space.  Often these after builders cleaning crew also take care of the immediate surrounding area of the renovated space to ensure a thorough clean so that none of the dust or dirt that have been “tracked out” of the renovated area can be “tracked back in”.  Once an after builders cleaning project has been completed, all you will be left with is a spotless and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized living or working space without making a huge dent on your budget.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

The Do’s and Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

Carpets, whether used in the home or in a commercial or office space need particular kind of care and maintenance.  When cleaned properly and maintained well, carpets have some significant health and safety benefits for both the home and commercial or working space.  However, when proper maintenance and carpet cleaning is not done, carpets get old and patchy, quickly.  Proper  maintenance is very specific but not very difficult.


Here are a few basic carpet cleaning do’s and don’ts:

DO: Clean carpets once a week, minimum.  Regularly vacuum carpets to get rid of dust and dirt build-up.  Additionally, clean the area surrounding the carpets right after to ensure a longer lasting clean.

DON’T: Avoid using non-recommended cleaning products.  Carpets can easily get worn out or stained especially when you use non-recommended or unfamiliar cleaning solutions or products for your carpet cleaning needs.  Doing so could permanently damage or contribute to the early wearing out of the fabric.

DO: Spot clean right away. Don’t wait for carpet cleaning day to remove spots or splotches caused by spilled liquids, pet accidents and others.  Quickly spot clean as soon as possible.  Doing so would prevent the liquid from seeping any deeper that could result in tougher, more stubborn stains.

DON’T: Bleaches may be good for removing spots and stains on your clothing but it is not necessarily good for carpets.  Avoid using bleaches when carpet cleaning.

DO: Read and understand the care and maintenance literature that comes with every carpet.  In it you will find specific carpet cleaning instructions for the specific carpet you have.  Remember, not all carpets are created the same.  From using different types of fabric, different weaving or manufacturing methods to different kinds of carpet density.  Literature can really help determine how to properly care and maintain carpets.

DON’T: Do not hesitate to get professional carpet cleaning help.  Having carpets cleaned by an expert can definitely extend a carpet’s lifespan.

Utilizing Cleaning Services in Sydney for Safer, Cleaner Work Environments

Utilizing Cleaning Services in Sydney for Safer, Cleaner Work Environments

The health and safety of the workforce and customers is something that should not be taken lightly by business owners and commercial establishment operators.  Workforce should be able to come into a working environment that is conducive to productivity and does not endanger them with regards to safety and health.  Workers spend more than 40 hours of their week inside office buildings.  It is imperative that these office spaces are kept clean, organized and sanitized to prevent the spread of common illnesses such as colds, cough and the flu.  The best way to utilize cleaning services in Sydney offices and retail establishments is to first determine the scope of cleaning solutions needed for a particular or specific location.


Office buildings

People often work in close proximity to one another, with just cubicles and dividers to separate one working space from another.  Cleanliness and sanitation is definitely needed in such close proximity spaces.  This kind of office setup is more prone to the quick spread of common illnesses and therefor need to be sanitized and cleaned regularly.  Most companies that provide cleaning services in Sydney have before and after hours cleaning and sanitation jobs that are tailored to such kinds of working environments.  Business owners can also dictate which cleaning services are needed.  However, you can ask for a consult or assessment on which cleaning tasks are better suited for the kind of space you have.


Commercial and retail spaces

Shops and boutiques and other commercial and retail establishments require a different kind of cleaning regimen.  It is important to know what kind of cleaning services in Sydney should be chosen to fit the specific cleaning and sanitation requirements of these particular spaces.  First to consider is foot traffic.  Commercial and retail spaces get more than the regular volume of foot traffic so more dirt and dust are tracked inside and around the premises.  Additionally, more foot traffic translate to more rubbish which means trash bins need to be consistently emptied and re-lined.  Bathrooms and other shared spaces such as lounges always need to be dusted and wiped. Some cleaning services in Sydney offer day porter services that address the specific type of cleaning solution needed for these kinds of spaces.

Utilising cleaning services in Sydney ensures that working environments are kept clean and safe for those working within its spaces and also for those coming in as customers or shoppers.

The Ins and Outs of Commercial Cleaning Services

The Ins and Outs of Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning is the term most commonly used to define a collective set of cleaning, maintenance and sanitation services that are available for both residential and commercial use.  It is a wide array of cleaning solutions and services which address every cleaning and sanitation issue from the biggest down to the smallest.  Many businesses, especially those with larger premises often turn to outsourcing services instead of hiring their own in-house janitorial team.

One factor that contributes to commercial cleaning’s popularity is cost.  Outsourcing commercial cleaning services costs significantly less compared to hiring an in-house cleaning staff for your business.  First off, commercial cleaning services utilize their own cleaning equipment and cleaning products.  There is no need for you, the business owner, to worry about buying the correct kind of cleaning materials and equipment or to worry about buying too little or too much.  Secondly, outsourcing services gets you a higher standard of cleanliness.  Most companies ensure that their service crews are properly trained, highly skilled, thorough and completely dedicated to providing high quality service.

Customisability is also another factor.  When you outsource services, you dictate the schedule and the cleaning tasks that need to be completed within their time frame.  Some business owners prefer having a crew to do a thorough cleaning before office hours to ensure that the workforce is coming into a clean and safe working environment.  Some business owners prefer having a commercial cleaning crew to come in and complete all cleaning tasks after hours.  The cleaning schedule is completely dependent on your requirements and preferences.

Scope is also another factor when it comes to commercial cleaning services.  Companies offer more than just the standard cleaning and sanitizing services.  Most of them offer additional cleaning services such as periodic deep cleaning, pressure cleaning, consumables replenishment and procurement, day porter services and many more.  All these commercial cleaning services are geared towards ensuring your working environment is clean, safe and aesthetically inviting not just for you and your workforce but also for your customers.

Learn How to Maximize the Benefits of Professional Cleaning Services

Learn How to Maximize the Benefits of Professional Cleaning Services

There’s only so much you can do in a day.  If you’re a homeowner, holding down a job, raising children or have pets and trying to run a household while maintaining some semblance of a social life, there will be tasks that would either not be done and pile up or done not as thoroughly as possible.  With professional cleaning services, all the cleaning tasks need to be started or completed.


Availing of professional cleaning services for your home has a myriad of benefits.  Here are a few:


Worry Free

With professional cleaning services taking care of all your cleaning and sanitizing concerns, there is literally no need to worry.  You won’t have to provide cleaning solutions or cleaning equipment because the crew have their own, commercial-grade products and appliances.  Additionally, crew have the know-how to tackle even the most difficult of cleaning issues.


Customized Cleaning Checklist

With professional cleaning services, you, the homeowner, dictate the cleaning tasks that they need to fulfil.  You can also dictate the schedule of cleaning or when the crew should come in so that there’s as little disruption to your daily routine as possible.  Teams usually have checklists of tasks and cleaning responsibilities that they have to go through to ensure that each and every chore is completed efficiently.


Clean and Safe Environment

Professional cleaning services crew adhere to a high standard of quality cleaning.  Because of this, you are guaranteed a thoroughly clean and health-friendly home.  You are assured that surfaces are sanitized, carpets or floors are scrubbed and polished or vacuumed correctly, and fixtures and furnishings are checked and cleaned.  There’s no issue with mediocre cleaning results.  Everything will be left spotless and deeply and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

So do yourself a favour.  Sign up for professional cleaning services and get all the cleaning jobs done without lifting a finger and without breaking the bank.  Cleaning services helps you take care of the cleaning concerns in your home to ensure a cleaner, safer home for you and your family.

Basic Floor Cleaning Tips for Different Flooring Systems

Basic Floor Cleaning Tips for Different Flooring Systems

There are different types of flooring systems available for both residential and commercial use.  Each type requires different methods and solutions.  For example, more often than not, floor cleaning methods and products that can be used on hardwood floors cannot or should not be used on ceramic tile floors.  This is why there are commercial floor cleaning services available to those who require their floors to be properly and thoroughly cleaned.  However, should you wish to tackle it yourself, here are a few things to remember to avoid doing any damage to your floors:


Know your Floors

Correctly identifying the type of floor you have installed in your home or office is important.  Again let’s take wooden floors as an example.  Not every wooden floor is hardwood.  Some wooden floors can be made out of reclaimed or recycled wood which have different floor cleaning requirements than the regular hardwood floors.  Basically, different kind of wood means different kind of methods and cleaning solutions.  Learn how to tell from marble floors and granite or engineered stone floors.  Knowing what type of floor you have makes it easier to determine the kind of method to use.


Daily Maintenance

Let’s face it, who has the time to do a thorough floor cleaning every day?  However, it is also important to remember that there are daily floor cleaning tasks you can do every day to help prevent your floors from getting damaged due to accumulated dirt and grime that could scratch and chip floor surfaces when not properly swept away.  Mopping with plain water is also another basic floor cleaning solution for all kinds of floors.  Vacuuming is also an essential method even for flooring systems.  Vacuuming is not only for carpets.  It can and should be used on every kind of floor.


Professional Floor Cleaning

Although consistently sweeping up dirt, mopping and even vacuuming can help keep your floors clean, it is still highly recommended to periodically have professional experts come in and take care of your needs.  In the long run, having professional floor cleaning done on your residential or office spaces can extend the lifespan of your floors to save money on repairs and replacements.