Cleaning Services Offered By Fleet Cleaning

Fleet Cleaning has been offering professional cleaning services since 1975. Since our inception, we have been providing an exceptional level of personal attention to each account, so we can customize our services to your needs.

You only need to coordinate with one person to oversee all your cleaning needs, and to whom you can turn to for site visits, hands-on supervision, and a pro-active approach to dealing with your cleaning problems. We take our business seriously, and take pride in delivering commendable services all-year round. We are your one-stop shop for your cleaning needs, whether you need help with your office, driveway, home, or carpets, whatever it may be.

We offer the following cleaning services:

Office and Commercial Cleaning

This service is perfect for those who do not have in-house custodians to oversee the upkeep of their retail spaces or offices. With Fleet Cleaning, we can provide either fulltime cleaning staff or have someone come in after your office hours have concluded. Our services can include basic housekeeping tasks (sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, throwing the trash) to the complex (cleaning mirrors, sanitizing bathrooms, cleaning all surface area, among others). This way, you will be ensuring that your commercial or office space is sanitary and clean, giving you peace of mind that your employees will be breathing in fresh air that won’t compromise their health.


Builders Cleaning

Among our more popular cleaning services, builders cleaning is essential to those who are having renovations done or are building their new homes. This entails having professional cleaners on-site while the work is on-going, or going to the site once the construction work has concluded for the day. By tapping our services while you are having your home, office, or retail space renovated, you will be ensuring that the space will be clean and tidy should your family or employees come after the work has concluded.


Pressure Cleaning

This requires specialized equipment such as a pressure washer and other chemicals, so that your property would be cleaned without you having to worry about their condition. Our pressure cleaning services are perfect for garages, facades of buildings, patios, gates, and more. Wherever you need pressure cleaning, we can provide it for you.


Retail Cleaning

Professional cleaning is frequently needed in the retail and showroom setting, as the success of your business lies on your ability to entice customers to come into your shop and explore your wares. If you have an unsightly storefront or murky windows, then the chances of getting more people to come into the store would be slimmer. To minimize the chances of this happening, you can tap our professional cleaners to bring order to your stores. Our cleaning services therefore would ensure that your retail and showroom would be shown on its best light, given that everything else is sparkling and neat.


Floor Cleaning

The different types of floors require different kinds of care. If you use the wrong chemicals for your flooring then you would only be damaging it and destroying its lustre. Through our professional services, our experts would utilize the right chemicals and formulas to ensure that the scuffs and marks are removed from your floor, and we would do our utmost best to restore it to its former glory.


Carpet Cleaning

Again, one of the favourites when it comes to cleaning services, carpet cleaning is that chore you would do well to leave to professionals. We know how to treat your carpets and to ensure that the spillage and marks would be removed and would not be aggravated. Furthermore, this eradicates the need for you to buy equipment as we will be bringing our own.


Upholstery Cleaning

The same goes for upholstery cleaning. Each material requires different kinds of treatment and material. If you do not use the right ones, then you can be damaging your own property.


End of Lease Cleaning

You’d be surprised at the number of people who ask for our cleaning services to make their properties look appealing again after the former tenants thrashed the place. Our competitive team can provide competitive end of lease cleaning so that your property would be ready for its next occupant.

 When it comes to cleaning services, we pride ourselves on providing competitive and high quality services. Head over to for more information. 

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