Commercial Cleaning 101

Commercial cleaning is a broad term utilized by professional cleaning companies who are offering their services to businesses, establishments, or individuals who wanted their commercial spaces cleaned. The job order varies from contract to contract, but basically covers all the necessary cleaning tasks needed for that establishment or commercial space.  

Common Clients

Professional cleaning comes in handy when the managers or owners of the property do not want to employ a full-time staff to clean the establishment, as doing so incurs more expenses for the business. Hiring a full-time staff entails businesses to pay benefits and other government-mandated incentives. By hiring a professional cleaning crew, businesses are therefore able to save money while ensuring that the cleaners are equipped with the right tools to keep the place sparkling.

Most clients of commercial cleaning are from businesses and enterprises. Regardless of the space, a professional cleaning company can provide cleaners for offices, restaurants, shops, and high-rises, among others. In fact, even big premises such as data centres, government facilities, medical facilities, airports, factories, schools, warehouses, and even showrooms can also enlist the services of a professional cleaning company.

Scope of work

Professional cleaners use a variety of cleaning methods and use different equipment and chemicals to expedite the cleaning process. This then ensures that no task is too difficult, as whatever a client needs, the professional cleaners have probably provided the service before.

Commercial cleaning services are usually divided into three categories: internal, external, and general cleaning. Internal cleaning usually refers to a thorough cleaning of the interiors of a commercial space, including floors, tiles, walls (including partitions), and the ceiling, among others. External cleaning may include the building’s façade, the glass windows, and doors, while general cleaning may include basic housekeeping duties such as washing dishes, sweeping the floor, or scrubbing surfaces.

However, professional cleaning is not limited to just these categories. Professional cleaners can combine their services to help businesses have a cleaner and more hygienic space. Therefore, many commercial cleaning services can also include cleaning of telephones, vacuuming of carpets, litter cleaning, and removing of graffiti, among others.

Above all, professional cleaners follow strict regulations from industry authorities to ensure that their services follow proper protocol. This therefore gives clients the reassurance they need that they the cleaners would not be using toxic chemicals that can compromise the health of whoever is using the commercial space.

Benefits of hiring professional cleaners

Most companies who hire professional cleaners do so to save money. This eradicates the need for them to hire full-time custodians who may require union benefits and other incentives. Also, those who use commercial cleaning services don’t have to worry about regularly purchasing supplies and cleaning equipment, as the professional cleaners would do so for them. In fact, commercial cleaners would often report onsite already laden with the things they need, including soaps, brushes, and necessary equipment such as vacuums.

Aside from this, Australian professional cleaning companies are strongly encouraged to do background checks on their employees to ensure that they do not have criminal backgrounds. This then gives clients the peace of mind that they would be leaving their property in the hands of able and experienced personnel.

Lastly, most professional cleaning companies perform their duties at the convenience of their clients. Commercial cleaning can commence after the regular store or office hours or done, or a professional cleaner can simply come in during the day and work at keeping the office or store clean without disrupting the routine of the workers, employees, or visitors.

Where to get professional cleaning

There are many professional cleaning companies in Sydney, and the trick is finding one that is able to provide good service that is still within a company’s budget. Fleet Cleaning is an industry leader when it comes to professional cleaning, as the company has been providing its precise and exquisite services for over three decades. With employees focused on providing unforgettable and customizable cleaning experiences, clients of Fleet Cleaning are able to take advantage of high quality and affordable cleaning services in Sydney.

Commercial cleaning does not need to be cumbersome and annoying to organize. Instead, have professionals perform this function for you to ensure that your commercial space will be clean, without you incurring more expenses. Head over to for more information.

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