Different Methods for Carpet Cleaning in Sydney

Carpet cleaning in Sydney, or no matter wherever you are in the world may be, is governed by the same principles. You want to clean your carpets because you want to get rid of the dirt, dust, and grime.

You want to sanitize your home so you don’t have to worry about when your little two-year-old crawls over the carpet and then puts his hand into his mouth. You also want to clean your carpets so you can get rid of the embarrassing stains that have humiliated you far too many times when your guests have pointed out how your carpet has seemingly poop stains, when in fact it’s just mud that you never got out. If you’re looking to do carpet cleaning in Sydney, then you are probably familiar with the two carpet cleaning methods. First and foremost is hot water extraction, or what many call as “steam cleaning.” Unfortunately, the second term is not correct, as the technique is not actually steam cleaning in the most traditional sense. When it comes to carpet cleaning, hot water extraction is the technique that uses equipment that sprays heated water with cleaning chemicals onto the carpet. This heated water is simultaneously vacuumed, which normally takes along with it any dirt. Alkaline is usually added to the heated water for synthetic carpets, while natural fibre or wool carpets use acidic detergents. Many who perform carpet cleaning in Sydney utilize this method because it effectively removes the cleaning solution and leaves little residue on the carpet. Those who are concerned with allergens also use hypo-allergenic and non-toxic chemicals that are free or perfumes and dyes. However, the downside to steam cleaning is that you would need a steam cleaner, which can be cumbersome if you purchase it for your home as you would only need it once every 12 to 18 months. You can also opt to rent a steam cleaner, but finding a rental service for this can be difficult is as well. What’s more, using equipment you are unfamiliar with can just cause more harm than good. Carpet cleaning in Sydney does not need to be difficult, however, as there is another method. This is dry cleaning, or utilizing a very low moisture system to clean the carpet. This has a faster drying time, which makes it a favourable choice to those who want their carpets back as soon as possible. By using dry chemical compounds or cleaning solvents, you can use your floors again once the clean-up is finished. The solvents or compounds can effectively break down dirt and grime and restore the carpet to its former glory. Like most things, there is a caveat, however. The chemicals used in this method are often harsh and can leave lingering smells in the house. This can be problematic if you want a greener solution that has no lasting effects to your family. Carpet cleaning in Sydney is also a topic often talked about in retail and commercial settings. While steam cleaning is arguably “greener,” it does mean you cannot use your floors or your carpets for 12 to 24 hours. Also, stains usually reappear a few days after the steam treatment, and may require several treatments before they are finally removed. On the other hand, dry cleaning dries up almost instantaneously, and doesn’t need a long period of time before you can use your carpet again. Despite this, it oftentimes uses harsh chemicals that leave lingering smells. The choice as to which technique to use when carpet cleaning in Sydney is yours to make. However, one thing you should consider is you don’t have to clean your carpets by yourself. If you’re considering buying a steam cleaner or applying harsh chemicals to your carpet, then take a moment to reconsider because you can have professionals help you. For instance, Fleet Cleaning offers comprehensive services for carpet cleaning in Sydney. We have the right equipment and the expertise to professionally handle your carpets so you don’t have to worry about us staining them or further aggravating the damage. Furthermore, this eliminates the need for you to handle harsh chemicals. You’ll have professionals do the work at your convenience.