Easy Wood Flooring Maintenance Tips

There’s nothing quite like the look of beautiful hardwood flooring. It can really add character to your

whole house, as well as being long lasting when you choose a quality product. Despite your

hardwood floors being hardwearing, you still need to make sure that you carry out the proper

maintenance. So, how do you clean wood floors? Luckily, we’re here to fill you in on our top tips to

make your wood floor maintenance as easy as possible.


Maintaining your wood floors

We understand that there are probably other things you’d rather be doing with your time than

cleaning but all it takes is a few easy steps to keep your flooring in optimal condition. Take the time

to do a quick run over your floors to get rid of dirt and dust every couple of days. Don’t worry, we’re

not expecting you to haul your heavy vacuum out every day. A smaller, handheld vacuum is very

useful when it comes to daily maintenance but a cheap, microfibre mop will also do the job. Every so

often, a proper vacuum is the best way to clean wood floors thoroughly (weekly is best but, hey, you

have a life) and aim to mop with designated floor cleaner at least each month.


Preventing damage to your floors

While general maintenance can go a long way to keeping your floors in great condition, there are a

few easy steps you can take to avoid any damage. As an easy fix, make sure you have a door mat at

the front and back doors to avoid dirt being tracked into the house and over your lovely floors. If you

have kids, a good rule is for them to take off their shoes before they come in to avoid collateral

damage. If you’re a keen cleaner, don’t go nuts with cleaning products – products which are too

abrasive can do further damage so be careful with the products you use.


Don’t forget to put felt stoppers on the feet of all the furniture which comes into contact with your

flooring – it’s so easy for pristine flooring to suddenly show visible scratches and scuffs thanks to

furniture being moved around. Remember to check your stoppers every so often to see if they need

replacing. If there is a spill on your flooring, wipe it up right away before it has a chance to soak in.

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