Five Instances You Need to Outsource Cleaning

Some people think that to outsource cleaning is unnecessary, as it basically boils down to cleaning your own property. However, there are numerous instances when you can benefit from having professionals perform the cleaning for you.

In fact, sometimes it’s not only ideal, but also highly necessary. Here are some of these instances.  

When you are preparing your property for new tenant

End of lease cleaning is necessary as this helps you prepare your property for new tenants. Since tenants are just renting the property and are not going to own them in the long run, most of them are not careful when handling your property and you would see that your estate in dire condition. You would need to outsource cleaning in this case to get rid of the paint marks on the wall, the unsavoury markings on your floor, and even the amount of grime and dust that have accumulated on your property over the years. You need to give your estate a thorough scrub down to bring it back into a more liveable condition and to impress new tenants into renting your space.  

When your employees are starting to get sick

Majority of our clients for office and retail cleaning say that they previously have just one of their staff clean their offices or retail space ever so often. While this takes care of the obvious dust on the floors and counters, it does nothing to address the hygiene concerns in your space. When you outsource cleaning, a professional cleaner would come in an address all these concerns. This includes actually cleaning out the air vents, sanitising your bathrooms, throwing our your trash, vacuuming your carpet, and scrubbing your floor, among others. By the time professional cleaners are done with your commercial or retail space, you won’t have to worry about airborne diseases caused by dust mites in a long time.  

When your carpet is starting to smell

Carpets are present in many homes, but so is the risk of inhaling allergens and pathogens through them. See, carpets are perhaps among the dirtiest items in every home. As we walk on our carpets, we bring with us dirt, dust, and mud from the outdoors. Outsource cleaning can thoroughly clean your carpet and render it as new. We’ll take care of the stubborn stains and ensure that it’s hygienic, so it’ll be safe again for your toddlers to crawl on the carpet and play there.  

When your driveway is starting to look grimy

Why put yourself through the physical stress of having to scrub your carport clean when professionals can do it for you? It is dangerous to pressure clean something by yourself, particularly if you are not used to doing the task, as pressure cleaning can harm your property — or yourself — if you are not careful. The large amount of pressure from the hose has the potential to rip the skin off your hands or feet if you’re not careful — which is why you should outsource cleaning when pressure cleaning is concerned. We at Fleet Cleaning have the necessary tools and the experience to ensure that pressure cleaning your driveway would be easy — and safe — for all people involved.  

When you had something renovated

Home renovations are usually reasons to be excited for, but sometimes renovations are a source of stress for families, particularly when cleaning is concerned. Imagine trying to perform your daily routines while dealing with the dust and the clutter from your home renovation, or even trying to cook a single meal while the construction is on going. Deciding to get builders cleaning or outsource cleaning help can be one of the best decisions you may make about your home’s renovation. Our cleaners can come in at a time most convenient for you — either after the workers have left or while the work is on going — so that your family will come home to a clean house, despite the unfinished construction. Of course, these are just some of the situations when outsource cleaning in necessary for you, your family, and your employees. There are numerous other situations when deciding to get professional cleaners help is necessary. When that happens, you know whom to call. Head over to and inquire about our services today.