Cleaning in Sydney for Your Vinyl Flooring

We have already touched upon the need for professional floor cleaning in Sydney for your vinyl floors. At Fleet Cleaning, we offer floor cleaning for your vinyl and engineered timber flooring. With over four decades of expertise in responding to your cleaning needs, we continue to provide an exceptional level of personal attention to every account. We also assign one person to oversee and manage all of your requirements, and provide regular site visits, hands-on supervision, and a proactive approach to dealing with your problems. As a professional cleaning company, here’s what we can do for your floors.   Vinyl is a flooring material preferred by many because it is affordable and durable. It can withstand spills and heavy foot traffic, but at the same time is susceptible to scuffs and markings. It is also very vulnerable to chemicals, making its upkeep challenging to those who have no knowledge of the material. As such, floor cleaning in Sydney is becoming a popular option for those who own vinyl flooring. How so? Vinyl flooring is designed in such a way that the topmost layer inhibits liquids and dirt from penetrating through the flooring, providing a protective layer that safeguards against stains and further damage. This protective layer is called the polish, and it has to be reapplied in regular intervals since it takes on frequent beating, particularly in areas where there is heavy floor traffic. You know it’s time to bring in professional cleaners when your vinyl flooring still looks dull and lackluster even after you cleaned it. The ideal upkeep of vinyl flooring is usually twice a year. When you tap the services of a professional cleaner company that offers floor cleaning in Sydney, your old floors will be stripped off its existing polish. We will apply a new layer of polish (usually three layers of polish is the minimum for optimal protection) and will buff the area so your floor will look new once again as it regains maximum surface gloss and shine. With revamped polishing comes the added benefit of your floors becoming more resilient to general wear and tear. Aside from this process, professional cleaners protect your floor from further damage that you could inadvertently cause your floors. For instance, pouring polishing agents directly to the flooring can cause uneven surface gloss and streaking. There is a right way to go about cleaning vinyl, and we have the expertise and technical know-how on how to do so. As a firm that offers floor cleaning in Sydney, we use clean and appropriate materials such as applicator pads that ensure the even distribution of our cleaning agents. There is also a curing time that needs to be followed before adding another layer of polish, and before foot traffic is allowed in the area. There is also a waiting period to ensure that the polish has achieved its maximum toughness. We are with you every step of the way, providing professional cleaning services from start to finish. Our services for floor cleaning in Sydney is performed in three stages: preparatory, where we scrub, buff, and clean your flooring; application of polish; and regular maintenance. This ensures that you will have the proper support to always have sparkling floors. Now, the amount of maintenance that you need varies, depending on the amount of floor traffic your floor is exposed to, as well as how frequently it is cleaned, the materials you are using, and the quality of seal that was previously placed on the floor, among others. In essence, a telltale sign that you need to have your floors attended to is when the polish has lost its sheen and your floor looks dull. At times, it pays to have a professional to strip the polish from your surface to remove all the grime that is visible. As providers of professional floor cleaning in Sydney, we use top-of-the-line equipment to expedite this complex process to ensure that your time won’t be wasted. We do the job in a manner that is as efficient and effective as possible. Aside from that, we also apply a quality sealer so that the polish stays in for as long as possible. You will be able to see the difference when you use our services for floor cleaning in Sydney. You can have clean, sparking floors that appear as vibrant as the day you installed them: all you have to do is call us and ask about our services.