How Outsourcing Retail Cleaning Can Increase Foot Traffic and Sales

How Outsourcing Retail Cleaning Can Increase Foot Traffic and Sales

Cleanliness is a big part of getting potential customers to walk your store, look around and purchase one or more products.  A well maintained and clean environment encourages people to stay longer which could affect how many products they’ll end up buying and more importantly, increases the possibility of coming back for more.  The problem most retailers have is finding the best solution to maintain a high standard of cleaning even during the busiest retail hours without pulling personnel from their primary jobs so they can do some quick cleaning.  This is where outsourcing retail cleaning comes in.  It allows retailers to maintain a high level of cleanliness without unnecessarily putting the responsibility of cleaning up after customers onto your retail personnel.


Customizing you Retail Cleaning Solution

Not every retail establishment is the same. Each individual store requires a customized retail cleaning plan in order to adapt to each specific circumstance, need and the retailer’s preferences.  Some retailers prefer having it done before hours whilst some prefer retail cleaning done after hours.  Retail cleaning can be scheduled at any time it is required by the retailer.  Additionally, day porters can also be assigned to a retail establishment to keep the level of cleanliness throughout business hours.


Clean as You Go vs Professional Retail Cleaning

Some retailers, in their need to find the most cost-effective solution, often adapt the clean as you go approach where retail personnel are required to perform cleaning and minor maintenance duties after retail store hours.  The problem with this approach is while it seems like you’re saving money by not outsourcing retail cleaning, you are basically letting people who are not highly trained at retail cleaning and maintenance to do the job.  This approach could cost you more money in the long run in terms of a decrease in sales resulting from a decrease in foot traffic and repeat business.  Remember, a thoroughly cleaned retail establishment helps attract visitors and potential customers.

Professional workers can deliver a high level clean to your retail establishment and also ensure that tasks such as replenishing toiletries, emptying trash bins and replacing their lining, and quick clean ups in case of spills or accidents are done by individuals that have been properly trained to carry them out.

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