Why You Need Pressure Cleaning in Sydney

Pressure cleaning in Sydney is becoming a popular option among homeowners, particularly to those who have driveways, garages, and patios. Here’s why.

The world is certainly reeling from the very evident need for climate change. Temperatures have soared to record breaking highs, while the world around us is changing. For instance, the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef has now reached the Sydney Harbour, showing how the prolonged heatwave in recent months have affected marine life. Yet with these swatches of unbearable heat down our necks, life has to go on. That includes cleaning your garage. But must you waste all that water at the expense of the planet? Here’s how pressure cleaning in Sydney can clean your garage without wasting too much of the planet’s – and your – resources.  

Garages are filthy.

One of the things that we like to do when we clean our garages is to wash the area with a lot of water. This includes just hosing down the entire area with the wish that it washes away all the grime, dirt, oils, and whatnots. Unfortunately, oil stains and other debris require more than just water to be removed. When you use a pressure washer, you are using less water. Each machine has different pressure thresholds, and the higher the pressure, the less water it uses. Pressure cleaning in Sydney measures water pressure in pound per square inch or PSI. An ideal pressure cleaner for a garage lies within the range of 3000 PSI, which uses about 2 to 5 gallons per minute. Since pressure cleaners use less water per minute in comparison with normal hoses, you will then be using the water directly on the spots that needed to be focused on, instead of wasting all the water by hosing down the entire place.  

Cleaning your garage requires you to spend energy.

Assuming that you want to clean your garage on your own, think of the energy and effort you will exert that you could have spent on more rewarding endeavors. When you don’t use pressure cleaning in Sydney, you will have to scrub your entire garage, pretreat oil or grease stains with a degreaser, scrub it and wait for the treatment to be absorbed. While that’s happening, you’ll have to soak the remaining area with another degreasing solution. Then scrub it again and hose it down with water. Just in case the stains don’t disappear, you’ll have to do it all over again. All these actions require plain elbow grease. Why spend time, energy, and resources (just think of how much everything you’ll need will add up once you’re at the checkout – after all, you’ll need a degreaser, something to treat the stains, brushes, and a hose, among others), when you can ask someone to do it for you? Pressure cleaning in Sydney is offered by many reputable companies that are more than willing to do the work for you. These companies, such as Fleet Cleaning, have the necessary expertise and technical know-how on how to maximize their tools to clean your space efficiently, without wasting resources.  

Pressure cleaning your property without proper knowledge can be dangerous.

If there were something you have to know about pressure cleaning, it would be that it is dangerous for first timers. For instance, pressure washing in your bare feet is a big no-no, as the high pressure can rip the skin off your feet. Not a pretty thing to imagine, right? That’s why pressure cleaning in Sydney is a godsend to those who want their residential and commercial spaces cleaned. Aside from the bodily harm you can inflict on yourself, there’s also the risk that you could be using the wrong pressure washer. For instance, you can hook up a pressure washer to a hot water line, which is another big no-no, as the seals and gaskets are not designed for hot temperatures. Overall, pressure cleaning in Sydney is best left to professionals. It will save you time and money, not to mention the amount of energy you will be exerting to clean everything. Fleet Cleaning offers comprehensive and affordable pressure cleaning services that are guaranteed to meet your needs, and you will know that the task will be performed correctly. No more risk of damage to your self – or to your property.