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Trades Monitor verifies, maintains and keeps current the following information (and more) on your contractors to ensure contractor compliance: Public liability insurance Professional indemnity insurance WorkCover insurance Licences Contractor Registrations and ABN Contractor Safety Compliance

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Quality Monitoring

Fleet Cleaning’s long-term success is dependent on maintaining consistent standard of cleaning to exceed customers’ expectations. Quality is a fundamental responsibility of all employees within our organisation. All our employees are committed to maintain our quality management system and to provide our clients with a five star Fleet quality service. A quality control inspection report […]

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Staff & Supervision

Our intention at Fleet Cleaning Services is to provide the immediate availability of our management team to ensure that you receive a five star Fleet quality of cleaning. We provide in depth management and administrative support to all our clients and employees including workload analysis, work method studies, periodic quality inspections and program performance reviews. […]

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Occupational Health & Safety Responsibilities

The responsibility of Fleet Cleaning is to take all practicable action to safeguard the health and safety of its employees while they are at work. Specifically, this responsibility means that the Company will: Provide and maintain machines and equipment in safe working conditions Instruct workers in safe working practices Investigate any possible safety or health […]

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Access and Security

One of the primary concerns clients have when choosing a professional cleaning service is that professional cleaning requires individuals who are allowed access to their facility are honest and trustworthy. Fleet Cleaning Services is well aware of those concerns, which is why we ensure our employees are highly trained and reliable professionals who will follow all your […]

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Equipment & Chemicals

You have certain expectations when choosing a professional cleaning company to service your facility. You expect their equipment and products to be better than what you can simply buy yourself at the local dollar store. You expect to come into work without being made dizzy and nauseated by the smells of chemicals and bleach. You […]

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