Access and Security

One of the primary concerns clients have when choosing a professional cleaning service is that professional cleaning requires individuals who are allowed access to their facility are honest and trustworthy. Fleet Cleaning Services is well aware of those concerns, which is why we ensure our employees are highly trained and reliable professionals who will follow all your security procedures.

Our employees can sign in upon arriving onsite, and our onsite supervisors will ensure this and other security routines specific to your business are ingrained in our employees. You can count on our employees to:


  • Check and secure all doors in the area they are working at the beginning and end of their work shift.
  • Leave their personal possessions at home.
  • Never removing anything from the building (no matter how small) that does not belong to them.
  • Never unlock a secure door for anyone.
  • Never give out security codes or keys unrelated working personnel.
  • Report any strange or unusual activity directly to their supervisor or nominated person immediately.


Most importantly, all employees working after-hours will always ensure your business is locked up and if applicable, the alarm is set before leaving.

Every one of our cleaning professionals undergoes a thorough police background check, and we are happy to provide them with identification cards if required by our clients.