Equipment & Chemicals

You have certain expectations when choosing a professional cleaning company to service your facility. You expect their equipment and products to be better than what you can simply buy yourself at the local dollar store. You expect to come into work without being made dizzy and nauseated by the smells of chemicals and bleach. You expect (and fervently hope) the rag they used to wipe down your desk where you set your coffee mug and eat your sandwich for lunch was not the same rag they used to wipe down the toilets in the restroom down the hall. You expect that since you have entrusted professionals to do the cleaning, the result will be a whole new level of clean—professionally clean.

When you chose a professional cleaning company, you expect them to use state-of-the-art equipment for the job, not only to effectively clean in a timely manner, but to ensure the areas addressed stay clean as long as possible. We at Fleet Cleaning Services understand these expectations, which is why our highly-trained staff is fully certified in the use of heavy-duty professional cleaning equipment and have the commercial cleaning products needed for commercial cleaning assignments.

The chemicals and process employed in professional cleaning affect the quality of air and the overall environment inside a facility. We at Fleet Cleaning Services are fully aware of the importance of maintaining a work environment that is both clean and health-friendly. After all, the latest research indicates that improving and maintaining the environmental quality of the workplace not only results in fewer health concerns among employees, but also increases their performance and productivity and reduces absenteeism. We always use environmentally-friendly products when possible, and alternatively, we select the most pH neutral products available to accomplish the task.