Occupational Health & Safety Responsibilities

The responsibility of Fleet Cleaning is to take all practicable action to safeguard the health and safety of its employees while they are at work. Specifically, this responsibility means that the Company will:

  • Provide and maintain machines and equipment in safe working conditions
  • Instruct workers in safe working practices
  • Investigate any possible safety or health risk
  • Provide proper medical, health and first aid services as required by regulation made under the Act
  • Keep proper control of noise, fumes and harmful materials
  • Investigate any accidents and near misses
  • Take measures to minimize the risk of fire

Each worker has the responsibility to take all practicable action to safeguard his health and safety at work, and that of his fellow workers. Specifically, this responsibility requires each worker to:

  • Work safely and keep the workplace safe
  • Avoid taking chances or risks
  • Commence a new job only after consultation with the supervisor as to the proper procedure to be followed
  • Tell the supervisor of any possible risks to safety or health
  • Tell the supervisor of ways to improve safety
  • Refrain from interfering with or removing guards unless it is done in the course of maintenance or repair work
  • Keep the workplace tidy
  • Use personal protective equipment (PPE) provided


Where workers elect one of their number to be Workers’ Safety Representatives for the purposes of the Industrial Safety, Health and Welfare Act, the Company shall recognize the functions of the representative.

Our site-specific safety plan includes the following procedures:

  • All personnel are inducted on to the site prior to commencement of work. We will train additional staff in site-specific operations and procedures to allow for future absences, eg, holidays, sickness, etc.
  • The entire scope of work performed by our operators is detailed in our safe work method statements, which also identify potential hazards and hazard control requirements
  • Fleet Cleaning constantly works to identify hazards or any changes in work environment
  • Fleet Cleaning issues all necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and clothing to employees prior to commencement on site
  • Area supervisors have the responsibility to ensure that company’s procedures and policies are followed a day-to-day
  • Approval will be obtained for any equipment or substances used and any new equipment brought to site will be subject to safe work method statements and all staff will be inducted into safe use of equipment
  • For any substance brought to site, material safety data sheets (MSDS) will be provided and Area Supervisors will induct all staff into safe usage of new substances with particular attention to First Aid consideration