Staff & Supervision

Our intention at Fleet Cleaning Services is to provide the immediate availability of our management team to ensure that you receive a five star Fleet quality of cleaning.

We provide in depth management and administrative support to all our clients and employees including workload analysis, work method studies, periodic quality inspections and program performance reviews.

We undertake to provide competent, experienced and well-trained staff to carry out the required scope of the work. Suitable inducted replacements will be provided if any permanent staff allocated to your facility are on holidays or on sick leave.

Fleet Cleaning Services believes that employee training is one of the most important ingredients in a high quality and efficient cleaning program. To achieve this all our personnel will complete an extensive formal training program prior to being assigned to your premises. This program will act as a refresher course for experienced personnel.

Each staff member’s skills and levels of competence will be checked regularly and a personal training record maintained.

Trainers, under the guidance of the area manager or site supervisor will be utilised in order to develop skills to the level required to provide the client with an excellent standard of hygiene and cleanliness.

All our staff have mobile phones and a two way communication book will be provided by us at each level to allow your supervisors or staff to make notes, comments and make requests. Our cleaner can then respond through the book or alternatively, if you have alternative communications processes in place we happily train our staff to adhere to your procedures.