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Office & Commercial Cleaning Sydney

A clean office or commercial space is not only aesthetically pleasing but essentially adds to the general health and well-being of your employees and visitors. We have the experience in office & commercial cleaning – small concessional office and commerical spaces within business parks through to large corporation, multi-floor, open-plan office buildings. Logistics are at […]

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Builders Cleaning | Fleet Cleaning

Builders Cleaning Sydney

Builders cleaning is a cleaning service that is quickly becoming necessary after each construction or renovation work. Without it, you would be left picking up and clearing the debris on your own, including dealing with dust, dirt, and grime. If you’re unlucky, the workers may have even left paint streaks on the floor or the […]

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Pressure Cleaning | Fleet Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning Sydney

Building exteriors and walkways get dirty just like everything else, and we have the tools and expert cleaners to make these surfaces shine. Whether your roof, walls, or walkways are plagued with algae, black mildew, exhaust soot, mold, or road grime, our professional pressure cleaning services can safely clean these surfaces and extend the life of […]

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Retail & Showroom Cleaning | Fleet Cleaning

Retail & Showroom Cleaning Sydney

Retail & showroom cleaning is something that should be in the forefront of every retail & showroom as it’ll definitely leave an impression on your customers. This is where you put your best foot forward, so it is understandable you want your showroom to be immaculately clean. And once you make that initial impression, you’ll also […]

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Vinyl Floor Cleaning | Fleet Cleaning

Floor Cleaning Sydney

Vinyl and timber floors can easily become scuffed or marked, especially on entry and exits points of a building. Rubber wheels, deliveries and couriers, new furniture coming in etc, can all contribute to making your floor look old. First impressions are always the ones that stick and you’ll be surprised by the amount of people […]

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Carpet Cleaning | Fleet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Not only does professional carpet cleaning service keep your business or residence looking its absolute best, but geting carpets cleaning regularly is a solid investment in the health of your employees and your family. Carpets are great at hiding dirt, but this ability to prolong the appearance of clean can also create an obstacle to […]

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Upholstery Cleaning | Fleet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Sydney

It’s a universally accepted fact that no matter how careful you are, accidents will find a way of ruining your upholstery.  That’s just how the world works.  Plus, even if by some miracle you don’t have anything spilled or splashed onto your upholstery, the everyday use, the natural build-up of dust and dirt, all contribute […]

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End of Lease Cleaning Sydney

End of Lease Cleaning Sydney

End of lease cleaning has many different names, some called it vacate cleaning, others named it bond cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning or handover cleaning but regardless of how you named it, it’s just the same as end of lease cleaning. Whether you are moving out of your own property, into a new property, if you are leaving a […]

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Periodic Cleaning | Fleet Cleaning

Periodic Cleaning Services

Periodic cleaning divides into sub-categories. Not only do filthy air ducts from a poorly-maintained HVAC system allow dust, micro-organisms, and other particles to circulate into the air you breathe, but a dirty air-conditioning system is not an efficient system. Taking the simple step of scheduling periodic cleaning of your air-conditioning system will not only result […]

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Managed Outsourced Cleaning | Fleet Cleaning

Managed Outsource Cleaning Sydney

Waste Removal Sometimes routine garbage collection just does not fit your needs. Thankfully, Fleet Cleaning has you covered with managed outsourced services including waste removal. Affordable dumpster rental can give you the quickest and most hassle free way to eliminate waste due to construction or restoration projects, large events, and more. Contact us to receive […]

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