Periodic Cleaning Services

Periodic cleaning divides into sub-categories. Not only do filthy air ducts from a poorly-maintained HVAC system allow dust, micro-organisms, and other particles to circulate into the air you breathe, but a dirty air-conditioning system is not an efficient system.

Taking the simple step of scheduling periodic cleaning of your air-conditioning system will not only result in cleaner air in your home, relief from allergy symptoms due to poor air quality, a reduction in dust which gathers in your carpet and on your furniture, but a professional cleaning by Fleet Cleaning Services can give you the added benefit of making your system more efficient and thus reducing the cost of your bill. With all of these benefits to gain from simply having your HVAC system cleaned, why wait?

Carpark Cleaning and Stain Removal

It is one of the first things you see in the morning and one of last things you see before you retire inside your home for the evening. Those who drive on a daily basis are twice confronted with their carports, and something as simple as the appearance of their carport can affect your mood. Would you rather come home to a carport which has cobwebs in the corners and stains on the concrete, or would you be willing to expend the minimal effort and expense required to maintain your carport so each brief encounter with this often overlooked space is always a clean and pleasant experience? Fleet Cleaning Services can help you establish and maintain the clean appearance your carport and other overlooked areas where you live and work.

Fridge Cleaning

While many believe fridge cleaning is a strictly do-it-yourself chore which is seldom necessary, those people surely are unaware of the perils of a dirty refrigerator or freezer. What may be particularly surprising to some people is the plethora of bacteria which can survive at freezing temperatures. In addition to causing the unpleasant odors which often greet us when we open that door, the bacteria in your fridge can contaminate new food, causing serious but avoidable cases of food poisoning. Using steam cleaning and non-toxic solution, Fleet Cleaning technicians are able to kill stubborn bacteria which survive and build up in your fridge and freezer, restoring your fridge to a sanitary sanctuary for your perishable foodstuffs.

Hard-to-Reach Places

Do you have areas in your home or office which do not get cleaned as they should because they are difficult to access? These areas include anywhere from ceiling corners and fans, behind (and underneath) major appliances, behind the toilets in the bathroom, on the tops of cabinets and more. You not only want clean appearances, but sanitary conditions where you live and where you work. Hire the professionals at Fleet Cleaning Services to access these hard-to-access areas and give them the cleaning they are overdue.