Pressure Cleaning 101

We all want our offices and homes to look appealing, so we go to such lengths to ensure that our space is clean and neat. In fact, most places can benefit from pressure cleaning. Homes, offices, commercial spaces, public spaces, the list goes on and on… you can never go wrong by deciding to scrub down an area frequented by your family, clients, or visitors.

Unfortunately, despite your staunch decision to keep everything tidy, liquid spillage will take place, the exterior of your building will be filled with grime, or your beautiful patio may have a mold infestation in the making. You may need to remove loose paint or to scrub down a surface so you can prepare it for repainting. Or there may be a beehive or a wasp nest growing in a hard-to-reach area of your property. There are just some instances where you need to enlist the services of a professional pressure cleaning company to ensure that your space is as clean as it can be. Particularly when you’ve tried everything in your power to clean your property – including water, soap, scrubbing, scouring… even pouring chemicals onto living spaces just to get rid of the dirt.  

How It Works

Hydrocleaning or high-pressure cleaning or waterblasting utilizes a high-pressure mechanical sprayer to remove dust, dirt, grime, loose paint, mold, mud, and other stains from surfaces and objects such as buildings, concrete surfaces, and vehicles, among others. It is used in commercial spaces (such as when you want to clean the exterior of your building), office and residential spaces (such as when you hose down the entire area before moving in), and other venues. When all other cleaning agents have failed, pressure cleaning works by relying on water pressure. It compresses air and mixes it with water, and this potent mixture is then shoot through a nozzle. Putting the pressurized air and water through a nozzle results to an increase in pressure that can blast out even the most stubborn grime and dirt. It works on almost every kind of surface, including brick, concrete, and wood. What’s more, as long as a professional performs the cleaning, it will not damage your paint or your exterior’s finish. Some people want to mix in a mild detergent to the mix to thoroughly clean their surfaces. However, pressure cleaning experts such as Fleet Cleaning Services advises clients to check the products first as some surfaces are chemically-sensitive, such as marble which reacts to acidic materials.  

Why You Should Leave It to Professionals

Surfaces such as building exteriors and walkways need to be impressive to usher in more business for you. However, when your property is plagued with harmful microorganisms such as algae, black mildew, molds, or fungi, you are compromising not only your health but your family’s and visitors’ as well. Your property may also be coated with exhaust soot, road grime, pollen, and dust, among others, that can compromise the appearance of your walkways, walls, and roof. It is not only a question of appearing clean, but of hygiene as well. Of course, you can always opt to perform pressure cleaning yourself. Unfortunately, this is something that is best left to professionals who have the tools and expertise to make your surfaces shine. What’s more, when performed incorrectly, a pressure cleaner can chip off the paint on your surface or damage your property. You also have to think of the effort it will take you to scrub down surfaces, such as your fences and walls. This is a time-consuming task that will take you hours, if not days to complete, if you are inexperienced. If you want your property to look attractive and you don’t want to pay for expensive paint jobs or renovations, then the best solution is pressure cleaning. Fleet Cleaning Services has been performing this service for over four decades, letting you rest assured that your property is left in the hands of the most capable professionals. We pride ourselves on the exceptional level of personal attention we devote to each project, as one person will manage and oversee all your cleaning needs. Contact us today if you are ready to experience the difference a professional pressure cleaning crew can do for you and your property.