Pressure Cleaning Helps Restore Golf Club

We at Fleet Cleaning know how vital pressure cleaning is when it comes to removing grime from your residential or commercial space. However, sometimes it pays to have this reiterated, particularly when you think it is an unnecessary method. If you’re not convinced of its necessity, here’s an example that may be a little closer to home.

As you may know, it has been raining sporadically in Sydney over the last couple of weeks. Last week saw a torrential downpour that reached 150 mm. Yet it wasn’t the amount of rain that wreaked havoc at the popular Dunheved Golf Club – it was the flooding. On June 5, South Creek was 5 meters below its tipping point. About 12 hours later, the water broke the banks and spilled all over the golf course. While pressure cleaning relies on high pressure to clean the surface, the amount of pressure the flood came devastated the golf club — so much so that the staff couldn’t even report for work, simply because they cannot access the road that leads into the course. Finally, the water leveled off after several hours, and the staff was able to access the clubhouse and other facilities. What they saw however was heartbreaking. Many of the facilities were flooded up to a meter deep. Not only did the flood damage the infrastructure, it also damaged small items, such as the carpet, chainsaw, and blowers, among others. It was imperative to see what could be salvaged and see how the club can be functional again. Their solution? Pressure cleaning. Volunteers showed up with high-pressure water cleaners to remove the sludge from hard surfaces, while others are labouring with manual labor, such as ripping away the waterlogged carpet. Of course, much has to be done before the golf club can be considered as functional again. Aside from the physical damage, they also have to the electricity rewired and assess if they can still use their other machines. Yet despite the extensive damage the flood has caused the club, executives at the golf club believe that damage will be contained within 48 hours, and the club will be operational again. If a golf club can survive this devastation caused by water, then just imagine how efficient pressure cleaning can be when applied to your home or commercial space. If it can remove the marks borne by a flood, then it can definitely remove grime and sludge that mark your patio, garage, or the exterior of your building. This cleaning method is effective not only in removing marks, but also in removing mold, mud, loose paint, dirt, and dust from hard surfaces such as buildings, fences, and vehicles, among others. It can also eradicate the buildup of black mildew, molds, or fungi, as well as blast away a nest of wasps or bees without putting yourself and your family or staff in danger. What’s more, it works on almost every kind of surface, including wood, concrete, and brick. Despite the efficacy of pressure cleaning however, this is a task that is best left to professionals. While it may look easy to operate, a pressure cleaner can damage your property when the task is performed incorrectly. What’s more, the pressure can physically harm you, particularly your extremities. For instance, wrong exposure can blast away the skin on your hands or feet. Rather than try to save a few dollars by doing it yourself, ask professionals to pressure clean your commercial or residential space for you. This reduces the need for you to purchase a machine, scrub your surfaces raw, and allot a weekend or two to scour your property. Fleet Cleaning has been performing pressure cleaning services for over four decades. They have the necessary tools and expertise to effectively perform this service, ensuring that your cleaning needs are met without danger to you or your property. What’s more, their cleaning services are very affordable, giving you the option of combining pressure cleaning with other cleaning services that you may need. Above all, Fleet Cleaning performs each task based on your availability, so you do not have to worry about the task taking up your time because it will be performed when you need it to be.