Prevent Workplace Health Problems with Commercial Office Cleaning

Prevent Workplace Health Problems with Commercial Office Cleaning

Most people spend more than 8 hours a day in the workplace, working in close proximity with their co-workers.  The probability of contracting even the simplest health problem is increased when the workspace is not properly maintained, cleaned and sanitized.  The best solution for keeping the work environment and generally conducive to good health is to avail of commercial office cleaning.officle

It not only elevates the work environment aesthetically, it also ensures that every inch of the work place is sanitized and kept hygienic to prevent illness-causing bacteria to spread.  With commercial office cleaning, you’re assured of a complete and thorough cleaning from wiping down surfaces to deep-cleaning floors, windows and even carpets and upholstery.


Services Included

Commercial office cleaning plans can be customized depending on the size and scope of the work area as well as the cleaning requirements of the clients.  Additionally, clients can set the time for when crew should come in to start the cleaning and sanitizing services.  For example, a client can ask for an after-hours office cleaning schedule, a before work hours schedule to prepare the work space for the day or a weekly, fortnightly and even a  monthly office cleaning schedule.


Possible office cleaning services could include:

Carpet cleaning – office cleaning crews can come in during an arranged schedule to thoroughly clean office carpets especially those in areas with a higher foot traffic volume.  Carpets can be a source of illness-causing microbes and bacteria if they are not properly cleaned.

Upholstery cleaning – improperly cleaned and maintained upholstery can house illness-carrying germs and viruses.  With the right cleaning equipment and the right cleaning solutions, crews can help keep office upholstery sanitized and germ-free.

Floor cleaning – people come and go every day which is why keeping floors clean is an important part of commercial office cleaning.  Not only should this be done to prevent the spread of health problems, it should also be done to prevent slipping or tripping on unclean and improperly maintained office floors.

General housekeeping –  also includes services such as replenishment of bathroom supplies, emptying of trash bins, cleaning small furnishings and checking for broken locks, light fixtures, etc.

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