Retail Cleaning Sydney: A Testimonial

We want you to know how we at Fleet Cleaning are positively impacting people’s lives. Here’s what a retail cleaning in Sydney customer has said about the experience.

I own a small boutique in Sydney with a beautiful storefront and a gorgeous display. I have marble floors with mirrors all throughout the store, and my fitting room has a comfortable couch and a beautiful carpet in the center. Unfortunately, my mother-in-law loves the smell of incense and would always insist on lighting up a few of them in the store. The smell can become overwhelming, but I never thought that it was a problem. I also ensured that the place is cleaned by the late-night staff, who would close the store after everyone has left. Let me tell you about this day I realized I needed retail cleaning for my Sydney store. An elegant-looking lady came into the store, with an army of attenders following her. I assumed she’s a minor celebrity or at least a socialite, given the airs she gave herself. She had been looking at the storefront for a few minutes before she barged into the store. A few seconds later, she sniffed the air, made a face, and left. Her squad left with her, but a few came back into the store to ask after an item. It turns out that she liked something on my display, but was too disgusted by the smell to stay. The next instance I hurriedly looked up retail cleaning in Sydney to ensure that my store can be as pleasant as it can be.  The lady said that thinks I have high-end items, but she’s not too fond of the smell. I told her to be back in the next two days as I will have it professionally cleaned – and she said yes! Now, most of the professional cleaning services I saw had exuberant prices and were charging differently for almost the same service. One wanted to charge me a different rate for carpets, while others wanted more money to clean the windows. Thankfully I saw Fleet Cleaning, which gave me a reasonable quotation and who promised to clean my store on the same day. The retail cleaning in my Sydney store was remarkable. When the Fleet Cleaning staff arrived in my store at 5pm, I told them all my problems. Their lead man walked through the store and pointed out the things that needed thorough cleaning – particularly my mirrors, which I thought were glittering, where in fact filled with streaks! They told me to relax and promised that I’ll see a new store in the morning. Needless to say, it was a sleepless night. I was torn between the possibility of landing a regular, prominent customer, and the trepidation of what would happen if the cleaning service wasn’t able to deliver on their promise. Thankfully, Fleet Cleaning’s retail cleaning in Sydney went above and beyond my expectations. When I opened my shop, gone was the mushy and heavy smell of incense. Instead, the room was filled with a fresh citrus scent. I walked in feeling refreshed with the gorgeous smell and began to have such high hopes. I inspected my marble tiles and saw that they were polished to a perfect sheen – it’s almost as if I can see the soles of my heels with every step. The orbs of my lamps were reflected perfectly as well. And my mirrors – my gorgeous mirrors. They were cleaned to the point that I’m unsure where they start and end. Retail cleaning in Sydney gave me the impression that my mirrors were endless, making my shop look bigger and more sophisticated than before. To say that I am pleased is an understatement – I was ecstatic and excited. With my new and improved store, I can now usher in more businesses and be able to target a different target. As the lady said, I had high end items. Now that I used professional retail cleaning in Sydney, I would be able to attract more customers and bring in even more revenue. I’m so excited for the future! ## Like this shop owner, you too can turn your business around with a clean and more impressive shop. Contact us today to find out more about our professional cleaning services.