Testimonial: How Office Cleaning Inspired My Staff

Every now and then here at Fleet Cleaning, we get testimonials from clients that are just too heartwarming not to share. Here’s one from Mr. X, an office cleaning client. Mr. X runs a boutique agency in Sydney. Here’s his story.

As a startup manager, my focus was on building a high performing team to help our company become more competitive. I hired high caliber creatives and gave them free rein. Our flexible business model enabled employees to work remotely frequently, which worked well since our office space cannot house all of them. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you think of it), business picked up. Because of this, I asked employees to come in regularly in shifts, particularly since we do not have room for all of them at the same time. I assigned them seats, which they would invariably share with someone from the other shift. Then life changed drastically in the office. Cleaning became an issue, because apparently you cannot put creative people in the office together and leave them to their devices. It’s not just the amount of unwashed dishes in the sink or the overflowing garbage bin — which I found out, was a big issue when it came to who has to put it out. Little squabbles started breaking out, and I heard of passive-aggressive arguments where someone from the night shift would leave post-its on the table, telling the dayshift worker to clean up. To put order into chaos, I implemented a Clean As You Go policy, making them wash their own dishes and clean up after themselves. It was a fair and mature policy, given that the employees are all adults who can fend off for themselves. The office cleaning problem was solved, although the boys are still bickering over who has to put out the garbage bags. Then disaster struck. I thought I had averted all chaos, but as it turns out, the dishes and the garbage aren’t the only things that I should be concerned about. My team started getting sick, one after the other. In an open-space office plan, a single sick person can infect the entire team, particularly if there are people with weak immune systems. Productivity was affected as more and more employees ask to work offsite, a luxury I cannot afford now, as there are deliverables to be met. I finally consulted a fellow consultant and her answer surprised me. She asked about our office cleaning rituals and asked about how often the vents are aired. When I confessed that I don’t know, and we don’t have any cleaning rituals, she gave me the contact information of Fleet Cleaning. The next day, I called your office to inquire about office cleaning. I had very rigorous demands: I need someone to wash the dishes, throw out the trash, and clean the desks. In between doing that, I need someone who can wash the windows, sweep the floor, vacuum the carpet, and clean the bathroom. On weekends, I also need someone to clean the vents and thoroughly disinfect the office. To my surprise, you said you can do the job for a very affordable rate. You would send an employee to clean our office during operations, and your guy worked wonders. In between shifts, he scrubbed the place furiously, as if maximising the odd hour that the office is empty. And your office cleaning services did wonders for our company. The sick days became fewer, as the environment became healthier for all employees. There is also less bickering about who needs to do what, because all the housekeeping tasks are taken off their hands. To say that I am pleased with your services is an understatement. I cannot believe that I haven’t hired professional office cleaning services before — the improvement in the overall mood of the staff and the quality of work is beyond compare. Today, we have moved into a new office where everyone can come in at the same time. This time, I made sure that I signed a long-term contract for your cleaning services. With the bigger space comes a bigger responsibility of ensuring that everyone is healthy! Thank you Fleet Cleaning for coming to the rescue. Without your help, our company wouldn’t be able to grow as fast as we did. All it takes to derail a company’s growth is the number of sick days, after all. Since our office became cleaner and the environment is healthier, there are few reasons for that to happen.