The Do’s and Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

The Do’s and Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Carpets, whether used in the home or in a commercial or office space need particular kind of care and maintenance.  When cleaned properly and maintained well, carpets have some significant health and safety benefits for both the home and commercial or working space.  However, when proper maintenance and carpet cleaning is not done, carpets get old and patchy, quickly.  Proper  maintenance is very specific but not very difficult.   Here are a few basic carpet cleaning do’s and don’ts: DO: Clean carpets once a week, minimum.  Regularly vacuum carpets to get rid of dust and dirt build-up.  Additionally, clean the area surrounding the carpets right after to ensure a longer lasting clean. DON’T: Avoid using non-recommended cleaning products.  Carpets can easily get worn out or stained especially when you use non-recommended or unfamiliar cleaning solutions or products for your carpet cleaning needs.  Doing so could permanently damage or contribute to the early wearing out of the fabric. DO: Spot clean right away. Don’t wait for carpet cleaning day to remove spots or splotches caused by spilled liquids, pet accidents and others.  Quickly spot clean as soon as possible.  Doing so would prevent the liquid from seeping any deeper that could result in tougher, more stubborn stains. DON’T: Bleaches may be good for removing spots and stains on your clothing but it is not necessarily good for carpets.  Avoid using bleaches when carpet cleaning. DO: Read and understand the care and maintenance literature that comes with every carpet.  In it you will find specific carpet cleaning instructions for the specific carpet you have.  Remember, not all carpets are created the same.  From using different types of fabric, different weaving or manufacturing methods to different kinds of carpet density.  Literature can really help determine how to properly care and maintain carpets. DON’T: Do not hesitate to get professional carpet cleaning help.  Having carpets cleaned by an expert can definitely extend a carpet’s lifespan.