Top Upholstery Cleaning and Evaluation Practices for Owners

The right choice of upholstery bolsters the overall look of your home and office, and it is a decision that is not to be taken haphazardly. Before you embark in your quest for the best schedule of cleaning services for your upholstery cleaning endeavor, it is important to be able to evaluate your product properly before making a decision to purchase upholstered furniture by the bulk. There are some best practices that take you from innocent buyer to pro upholstery evaluator in no time. 


Get to know your upholstery expert’s credentials.

Australia’s Department of Industry requires experts in upholstery to have log books, references from previous employers, and other documents to signify that you are dealing with an upholstery professional. If you are really particular about your upholstery choice, you can look up your upholstery provider in advance and check out these credentials to ensure that you are investing in the right product line.

Check if the frame is sturdy and support is solid.

No amount of cleaning services will cover up for poor make. Your upholstery cleaning is supplementary to the quality of the item’s frame and foundations. If it’s an upholstered chair with a wooden frame, for example, sit on it and swing in different directions while seated to see if the foundation is solid enough. If you are with someone else, check the sturdiness of the chair with varying body weights. You can check the bounce of springs in the foundation by pressing down on the springs and applying some pressure.

Inspect the padding and cushioning.

Urethane and polyester padding materials are the popular ones. If there is a bonus muslin cover, that also indicates good quality. Your choice of mode in cleaning services for upholstery cleaning depends on how their materials and technology will interact with the underlying materials such as the padding and cushioning.

Get to know the flammability, fiber, and fabric content.

You will be able to make the most out of your purchase when you know its inherent resistance to elements. Some common fibers include acetate, cotton, flax or linen, olefin, leather, nylon, polyester, rayon, and vinyl. Each of these has a specific cleaning style, which makes hiring professional cleaning services as a very good decision. You can have the most of your upholstery cleaning by doing your own due diligence as well on the product: check the fabric’s quality by rubbing against the skin, rubbing against itself, stretching the fabric, and crumpling the fabric sample in your hand for resilience testing. Labels for fabric testing also indicate if it’s for heavy duty (active family with kids), medium duty (household with adults), light duty (more for beauty than function), and delicate (only for decorative purposes),

Befriend your manual and arm yourself with stain knowledge.

Stain removal grids such as those provided by brands like Roche Bobois for their customers are quite informative. Their upholstery manuals contain specific directions for cleaning stains. Stain removal for cocktails differs from stain removal techniques for milk or dirt. You can communicate more effectively with your cleaning services expert if you are at least knowledgeable in the basics provided by your upholstery product manual.

Watch out for the finishes.

Silicone and Fluorochemical are two popular types of finishes. Both of these types are heavily affected by upholstery cleaning. You can inform the cleaning services team or your house help about the frequency of cleaning so that they can also gauge if these finishes need a boost or give an opinion on how often you should clean your upholstery.

Familiarize yourself with special considerations.

Leather upholstery only uses pure soap and not detergent, and will work best with a brush that has soft bristles. The same cannot be said of other materials. Getting to know the special considerations that affect the quality of your material will ensure that you are not damaging your upholstery.

Consider getting a professional cleaning service for best results.

Professionals in cleaning services have the advantage of having exposed themselves to a wide variety of upholstery products. This gives them the edge of experience which they can apply to caring for your furniture and save you the trouble of having to research every detail for the best care possible.

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